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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Clearwater Complex Update - August 18

***There will be a daily public meeting held at The Life Center at 6:00 p.m. ***
***A Public Meeting will be held today, 5:30 p.m. at the Syringa Café in Syringa. ***

Fire behavior was moderated overnight with cooler temperatures getting as low as 40 degrees. Today’s weather will be dryer and warmer with temperatures in the mid 80’s to the high 90’s. Winds will continue to be light and to the northwest with relative humidity in the high teens. These are favorable fire conditions that help firefighters fight the fire on their terms instead of reacting to weather driven events.

Lawyer 2 Fire – Kamiah, Idaho (31,870 acres)
Mop-up and patrol operations will continue today in the southwestern area of the fire. The objective of mopping up is to extinguish or remove burning and hazardous material from the perimeter inward a specific distance. U.S. Highway 12 remains open to all traffic but may periodically have a pilot car moving traffic through the fire area north of Kamiah.

Lolo 2 Fire – Between Weippe and Woodland, Idaho (3,310 acres)
Work continues along the edge of agricultural fields, tying firelines constructed by private citizens into the handlines firefighters have constructed in the Grouse Creek area. Crews will be strengthening lines behind houses in the Cottonwood Flats area and north of Caribel Road. Another goal for today will be to make progress constructing line along the fingers of timber near Lolo Creek. Efforts at the southeast edge of the fire will focus on reinforcing firelines behind houses east of Kamiah.

Carrot Ridge Fire – Northeast of Pardee, Idaho (4264 acres)
Assisted with a dozer line constructed by a private citizen, firefighters were able to make progress in the Cold Wagon area. Steep terrain in Lolo Creek is presenting a challenge to firefighters, preventing direct line construction. Fire managers are weighing options for possible control measures in this area.

Fisher Fire – Big Canyon area, approximately seven miles north of Craigmont, Idaho.
Crews and equipment will continue the challenging work of not only stopping further up-canyon progression along the fire's southwestern boundary and along the fire's northwestern boundary with new fireline construction, but will also continue patrolling extensive fire perimeter, putting out hotspots in heavy forest fuels and trying to confine the fire to the canyonlands.

Syringa Fires – Northeast of Syringa, Idaho
This includes the Woodrat, Motorway (formerly Big Hill), and Four Bit Fires. The Woodrat Fire continues to be staffed and firefighters continue constructing line around the perimeter. The Four Bit Fire will remain unstaffed.

Additional Info: We have an information center at the Idaho Department of Lands in Kamiah. Fire information and updates can be found at or call either (406)309-0371 or (208) 507-2621

Facts at a Glance
Size: 58,116 total acres Date Started: 08/13/2015 Percent Containment: 25%
Personnel Assigned: 839 personnel Equipment: 47 engines, 21 dozers, 34 water tenders Cause: Lightning Aircraft Assigned: 4 helicopters
Cooperating Agencies: US Forest Service; Clearwater Potlatch Timber Protective Association; Lewis and Idaho counties; Nez Perce Tribe; City of Kamiah, Idaho Transportation Department, Idaho State Patrol, nine Rural Fire Departments