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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Coeur d’Alene River Ranger District

Fire Information Phone208-765-7383

Location: Monument Fire: southeast of Monument Mountain; Steep Creek Fire: between Bumblebee Peak and Cougar Peak; Stoney Creek Fire: northeast of Fourth of July Summit
Description:   The Monument, Steep Creek, and Stoney Creek Fires started on August 21, 2015 with 9 lightning-caused fires, 4 of these fires are within the Grizzly Complex. District resources are responsible for the other 5 fires and have contained 2 of the fires.
Status: The Monument Fire is 100 acres and crews are looking at opportunities and evaluating options for building indirect fire lines today. The Stoney Creek Fire is 25 acres and crews will be working with hose lays on the fire today. The Steep Creek Fire is 150 acres and due to a lack of resources fire personnel are monitoring the fire.
Resources: Include one 20 person Type 2 Initial Attack crew, one 10 person Initial Attack Module, two 12 person Initial Attack Modules, two felling teams, two Type 6 Engines, and one Dozer. District Initial Attack resources include two Type 4 Engines with 8 people each.
Closures: A Forest Closure Order is currently in effect for the area. For a full listing of road and trail closures on the Idaho Panhandle National Forest, visit the Idaho Panhandle NF closures webpage.
Stage II fire restrictions within the region will remain in effect until further notice:
Reminder: If you feel concerned or threatened by fire activity, self-evacuate. Do not wait for someone to tell you, leave when you feel you need to.