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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fire fighters make progress on Boise National Forest Fires

BOISE, Idaho – Good progress was made today on 4 of the 6 fires burning on the Boise National Forest.

West Scriver which is the largest of the fires at approximately 10 acres continues to present some problems due to poor access and heavy timber. Crews are attempting to construct hand line around the fire which requires cutting a path through the forest and then digging a trench. A helicopter is supporting the incident by providing bucket drops of water along the flank of the fire to cool the flames and allowing fire fighters to work more closely to the burned area.  The fire is located approximately 13 miles north of Crouch Idaho. The West Scriver Fire will transition to a Type 3 Incident Command at 4:00 PM today. This will provide additional logistical support to the fire which will likely be burning for several days. 

The Koppes Fire which is 5 miles northeast of Crouch Idaho is now listed at 2 acres. The fire has a hand line around the entire perimeter of the fire. Crews are working on mopping up interior of the fire and holding the line they built. The fire has good access and one fire engine and 10 fire fighters continue to work the fire.

The Bridge Fire has hand line around 70 percent of the fire and 20 fire fighters and two helicopters are assigned to the fire. The fire which is burning in heavy brush and ponderosa/fir tree stand is now 2 acres. Crews are working on construction of additional fire line and holding line already built. The fire is next to Silver Creek Lookout with good access to fire.

The Ucon Fire also near Silver Creek Lookout remains at an acre in size with a hand line around it. The fire which now has 25 people assigned to it is burning in heavy brush and ponderosa/fir tree stand.  Crews are working on mopping up interior of the fire and holding line already built.

The Peace Fire is completely lined and remains at ¼ acre. 

The Wolf Fire now at 4 acres is located 8 miles east of Jackson Peak and about 1 mile west of the Sawtooth Wilderness. A load of smokejumpers (8) have parachuted to the fire which is located in very remote and rugged terrain. Single Engine Air Tankers (SEATS) have been dropping retardant on the blaze and a helicopter is transporting a 20 person hot shot crew to the fire to assist in the effort.