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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

High winds increase size of West Scriver and Wolf fires

BOISE, Idaho – High winds have increased fire activity on two of six fires on the Boise National Forest.

West Scriver is the largest of the fires at approximately 80 acres continues to present some problems due to poor access and heavy timber. High winds have created a number of spots ahead of the fire and has created problems to fire fighters on the ground. Crews are attempting to construct hand line around the fire which requires cutting a path through the forest and then digging a trench. The fire is located approximately 13 miles north of Crouch Idaho. The fire is burning west northwest and headed towards state and private lands. The West Scriver Fire transitioned to a Type 3 Incident Command at 4:00 PM earlier today. This will provide additional logistical support to the fire which will likely be burning for several days. 

The Wolf Fire increased from 8 acres and is now at 50 acres. The fire is located 8 miles east of Jackson Peak and about 1 mile west of the Sawtooth Wilderness. This fire also received the 30 mph that the other fires on the Boise National Forest received and created multiple spots on the ground. This fire is on very steep rugged terrain and is burning in thick fir stands. A load of smokejumpers (8) have parachuted, and 1 hotshot crew has been shuttled to the top of the fire.  

The other 4 fires (Koppes, Bridge,Ucon and Peace) remained the same after wind storm. Koppes and Peace fire have been called controlled as of 9:00 PM. Red flag warnings remain until 10:00 AM tomorrow morning.

Bob Shindelar, Boise National Forest Fire Chief states “We are wrapping up fires as quick as possible to allow our firefighting resources to be available for other fires. Our resources are working hard to minimize damage to private and public property.”