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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Monday, August 31, 2015

Motorway Complex Evening Update for August 31st

Motorway Complex                    Jay Point                                 Boulder                  
Date Started: 8/14                       Date Started: 8/17                Date Started: 8/11
Cause: lightning                           Cause: lightning                     Cause: lightning
Size: 18,450 acres                      Size: 3,753                             Size: 4,279
Containment: 15%                       Containment: 10%                Containment: 0%
Personnel: 497                           Personnel: 87                      Personnel: 40
Cooperating Agencies: U.S. Forest Service, Idaho County, BLM, Idaho Department of Lands, Idaho State Police, Idaho Transportation Department, Idaho County Light & Power, Clearwater County, and Rural Fire Departments
This will be the final evening update unless fire activity increases.

Weather: After days of smoke, the day was warm and sunny. Tonight there will be light terrain driven winds 5 – 10 mph from the south-southwest. Overnight temperatures will be in the low 50s.  Tomorrow temperatures will reach the mid 80s and with humidity near 20%.  Southwest winds will average 6 miles per hour with gusts to 12 miles per hour and skies will be partly cloudy.

Woodrat Fire: Firefighters continued to build direct fireline because of a decrease in fire activity. Burnout operations occurred again on the southeast side of the fire for structure protection. Air support was used on the west side of the fire in conjunction with dozer line to further enhance line on the west side of the fire.  Tonight, crews will continue structure protection activities along Highway 12.

Slide Fire:  Direct line above Fenn Ranger Station along Telephone Ridge continues to be built.  A six-acre slop over occurred on Telephone Ridge and crews continue to monitor its progress.  Fire pumps and sprinklers are being installed for the protection of O’Hara Bridge.  Air support was used on the fire today.  Fire activity did increase during the day, however the fire did not grow in size.

Jay Point and Boulder Fires:  The White Sands Campground was supported by air operations.  Firefighters continued to build handline and mop up near the 362C Road.  Crews are working to open and prepare existing roads for future burnout operations.  The Boulder Fire reacted well to the precipitation yesterday and fire activity was minimal.  Evaluation and assessment of point protection objectives will continue.  A control plan is being developed for the eastern side of the fire including structure protection.
Smoke Concerns: Air quality continues to be unhealthy. For more information on current air quality conditions, visit and  For information about mitigating smoke related health hazards, visit

Evacuations: The Syringa area (from Suttler Creek Road down to Highway 12, to Syringa) remains at a Level II. The Selway River Road also remains Level II, but the road is closed to the public, local resident travel only.

Closures:  There are significant closures of forest lands and roads within the areas of wildfire activity including the Selway River road.  Closures are listed at Closures may change, so check back regularly.