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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Thursday, August 13, 2015

August 13, 2015

Salmon, Idaho:  Fire summary for the Salmon-Challis National Forest


Elkhorn Fire: Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness
·           The Elkhorn Fire, fire is estimated to be 50 acres and is located west of Clear Creek and north of Elkhorn Creek, approximately 3.5 miles from the wilderness boundary.  The fire is burning in grass, brush, and timber with dead and down tree components.  Although lightning caused fires should be permitted to play, as nearly as possible, their natural ecological role within the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, fire managers decided to suppress this fire due to its proximity to the non-wilderness boundary and considering values at risk within the Panther Creek drainage. Resources currently staffing the fire are 57 firefighters, one (1) Single Engine Air tanker (SEAT), and two (2) helicopters.  The helicopters are supporting firefighters with bucket drops.  The helicopters may be observed dipping out of the main stem of the Salmon River. 

Stormy Fire: 
·         ¼ acre fire burning in timber.  The fire is currently staffed with four (4) firefighters.


Alpine Fire: 
·         A spot fire on the north side of Wilson Creek drainage in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness.  Fire is at 8,500 feet elevation and is not staffed at this time. 
Moccasin Fire: 
·         1/10 acre fire near Moccasin Creek has been called out. 
Meadow Fire:
·         The fire is estimated to be 1.3 acres in size, burning in timber, and is located near Meadow Creek on Goldbug Ridge.  Fire is staffed with 10 firefighters.    
Lost Fire:
·         The fire is estimated to be a 1/4 of an acre, burning in heavy timber with a dead and down tree component and is located near Lost Creek on Goldbug Ridge.  Fire is staffed with two (2) firefighters.

Roaring Fire:  Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness
·         Fire was detected on August 5th and is in monitoring status.  The fire is located in the Bighorn Crags and is ¾ of an acre in size burning in timber.  This fire is lightning caused, and will continue to be permitted to play, as nearly as possible, its natural ecological role with the wilderness.
Gorley Fire: 
·         A single tree fire which is now out.


McGowan Fire: 
·         A ¾ of an acre fire near McGowan Creek burning in dead and down fuels.  Fire is currently staffed with two (2) fire fighters. 
The primary concern is safety of firefighters and the public.  Hot temperatures and isolated scattered showers and thunderstorms are predicted in the fire area through early evening on Friday. 

Know before you go.  Always check with your local Ranger Station prior to your trip to get the most up to date information on current fire activity, closures, fire danger, and fire restrictions for the area.