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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Clearwater-Municipal Complex Saturday September 5, 2015

Size:  82,243*  total acres           Date Started:  08/10/2015        
Percent Containment:  90%       Personnel Assigned: 302
 Equipment:  27 engines            Cause: Lightning                 
Aircraft Assigned: None
 Recent rains and cooler weather aided firefighters working on all the fires within the Clearwater-Municipal Complex. Most of these fires are in very good shape and the Southern Area "Blue" Interagency Incident Management Team is working to develop a plan for management of these fires over the next three to four weeks. This plan will be developed by the Blue Team in conjunction with the Idaho Department of Lands and the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest. The plan will consider remaining work to be done, including repair of damage caused by the firefighters while suppressing these fires, any remaining mop up necessary to insure that the fires remain controlled, and retrieving any equipment left in the fields by the fire crews.
Weather forecasts call for a wetting rain today which should cover most of the fires in this Complex. While this will be a tremendous help, there is a lot of work left to do on these fires. Because of this, firefighters will likely be working in the area for at least another three to four weeks.
Needle cast will continue to be an issue as trees impacted by the fires drop their needles throughout the next several weeks. This poses a potential problem as needles drop onto smoldering stumps or logs and may ignite and result in open flames which may escape the fire lines. This is the reason firefighters are attempting to completely extinguish any areas of smoldering debris.
Work planned for today includes continuing mop up on the Lawyer 2 Fire in the Clearwater Complex. Firefighters will patrol and monitor all other fires within the Clearwater-Municipal Complex and will retrieve equipment where possible.
For information about trail, road and campground closures on the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest, visit Details about how this affects hunting and fishing access can be found at the Idaho Fish and Game site:
The Southern Area Blue Team continues to manage the complex, and fire updates are issued under the team’s name. Visit, or search for the fire by name at
* Acres includes the Motrorway North Fires.