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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Friday, September 4, 2015

Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests morning update

Kamiah, Idaho – With the cooler temperatures and higher humidities, firefighters are working to mop-up and reinforce lines on existing fires.   The recent rains have slowed, but not ended, fire season.

Due to public safety concerns, a number of area, road and trail closures remain in place in the vicinities of major fire activity.  Nez Perce-Clearwater Forest officials continue to monitor conditions on the Forest and will adjust existing closures as soon as it is safe to do so. 

Individuals planning to visit the national forests are encouraged to contact any of the Forest’s offices or visit the Forests online at and click on the “fire information” tab for the latest fire information and a current map of closures.  Additional information regarding specific fires or fire complexes can be accessed at .

South Zone (Salmon River and Red River Ranger Districts)
Name:  Red River Complex         
Location:  South of Elk City, Idaho
Started:  August 17, 2015                                              Cause:  Lightning
Total Acreage:  41,830 acres                                        Containment:  0% Contained
Fires Originally within Red River Complex:  6 fires
Active Fires within the Complex:  Slaughter 100 acres and Rattlesnake 1,350 acres are being managed by the Red River District.  The other fires in this complex are being managed by an incident management team.  Those fires include Lone Park and Crown (combined) 33,250 acres, Noble Fire 5,750 acres, and Little Green Fire 1,380 acres.
Central Zone (Lochsa-Powell and Moose Creek Ranger Districts)
Name: Lochsa South Complex
Location: South of Lochsa River from Warm Springs Creek to the Selway River
Started: August 15, 2015                                               Cause: Lightning
Total Acreage: 9,690 acres                                           Containment: 0% Contained
Active Fires within the Complex:  Sponge 5,100 acres, Lone Lake 220 acres,  Lone Knob 460 acres, Horse Camp 570 acres, Grit 525 acres, Fire Creek 1,210 acres, Airstrip 1,425 acres.
Major Events:  Fires are exhibiting moderate fire behavior and moderate growth.  Activity will increase as the effects of rain diminish over time. 

Name: Wilderness Complex
Location: Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness (much of the Moose Creek Ranger District)
Started: August 4, 2015                                 Cause: Lightning
Total Acreage: 19,295 acres                                         Containment: 0%
Active Fires within the Complex: Roll Creek 7,850 acres, Rock Point 250 acres, Meeker 2,400 acres, Baily 1,525 acres, Army Mule Fire 5,400 acres, Barren 1,205 acres, Wahoo 650 acres.
Major Events: These fires are burning within the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness and are being monitored as they play their natural role in shaping the Wilderness landscape.

North Zone (Palouse and North Fork Ranger Districts)
Name: Larkin Complex
Location: Roughly 30 airline miles NE of Pierce
Started: August 17, 2015                               Cause: Lightning
Total Acreage: 7330 acres                             Containment: 0% Contained
Active Fires within the Complex: Snow Creek Fire 3,270 acres, Wolf Pack Fire 1,370 acres, and Heather Fire 2,085 acres, Minnesaka 450, and Roaring 100.

Name: Scurvy Mountain Fire                      Location: 28 miles ENE of Pierce, Idaho
Started: August 21, 2015                               Cause: Lightning
Total Acreage: 520 acres                               Containment: 0% contained
Major Events:  Spread limited due to rain, higher humidities and cooler temperatures.  Actions have been taken to protect the Scurvy Mountain Lookout.