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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Twin Falls District Fire and Aviation Foster Great Learning Opportunity for Students:

The Agriscience class at Oakley High School is one of four school programs in the Magic Valley participating in an educational Firewise growing program. Throughout the school year, students learn about fire ecology, fire science, the sagebrush steppe ecosystem, and the importance of Firewise landscaping and good practices of a Firewise community. In addition to the classroom work, students also plant and nurture the vegetation used in Firewise programs.  

Once the Firewise seedlings reach maturity, the students donate them to local Firewise Communities to improve their landscaping and help protect their homes. Additionally, the students had the opportunity to work alongside BLM’s Fuel Specialist and Fire Ecologist to plant seedlings in wildlife tracts around the District.

This fall, 12 Oakley High School students planted 1,000 sagebrush seedlings grown in their nursery in a wildlife tract just outside of Oakley. Each of the students was responsible for growing and caring for the plants throughout the school year, so when it came time to plant, they all volunteered to set the seedlings in the ground.

“The purpose of the program is to teach the students about Firewise and Fire Ecology, but they gain so much more than that. They learn about caring for the land, and how much work goes into growing things. It gives them a unique perspective into the work the land managers do and the struggles they face.”  Lorraine Simonson, Firewise Coordinator. “We have never had such a large group of students volunteer to help plant! These students take a lot of pride in their work and what they accomplish.” (Contact: Kelsey Dehoney, 208-732-7315)