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Monday, April 4, 2016

Joint exercise between Twin Falls BLM Fire and Bliss Rural Fire Department Partners

On Saturday, March 26, Bliss Rural Fire Department (RFD) and Twin Falls Fire and Aviation (TFD) personnel conducted a joint exercise to help reduce hazardous tumble weed accumulation around a residential home.  

For several years tumble weeds have blown in and accumulated on public land adjacent to the private residence. Bliss Fire Chief, Levi Diehl, contacted the TFD and requested assistance to remove the tumble weeds that were posing a potential wildfire hazard.  

TFD fire personnel prepped the RX burn area, by raking the tumble weeds away from the fence, before igniting the two acre area to remove the hazardous fuel.  Bliss RFD provided two Type IV engines and several fire fighters to provide structure protection on the private property during ignition on BLM ground.

“This project was a perfect opportunity to conduct a joint exercise between BLM and our Bliss Rural Fire Department partners,” said Jake Williams RX Burn Boss Trainee.