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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Friday, June 10, 2016

Owyhee Canyon Fire Contained

Vale, Ore. – The Owyhee Canyon Fire which burned 21,776 acres along the Owyhee River Canyon has been contained.

The Owyhee Canyon Fire’s northwestern perimeter burned as far as a mile and a half south of Rome, Oregon.

The fire has also been downgraded from a Type 3 to a Type 4 fire. Fire types gauge complexity, with Type 1 fires being the most complex and Type 5 the least complex.

The terrain of the Owyhee River Canyon has been difficult to traverse according to Sam Delong, the former Incident Commander on the Owyhee Canyon Fire.

Demobilization on the Owyhee Canyon fire began yesterday, though five engines and crews remain on site. Those resources remaining on site will continue to patrol the fire perimeter and look for trouble spots which could potentially threaten the fire’s ongoing containment.

“Demobilization is an important part of fire operations,” said Tracy Skerjanec, Deputy Fire Management Officer at the Vale District BLM, “it ensures that we have resources on hand for the next potential fire.”

Cooler temperatures are forecasted for today along with rising relative humidity. Higher temperatures and low relative humidity along with wind had made fire suppression efforts difficult over the past week as hot, dry, and windy conditions are ideal for fires to start and to spread.

Cooler temperatures are forecasted throughout the Vale District. However, lightning is forecasted in the northern part of the District around Baker City this afternoon.

More information on the Owyhee Canyon fire can be found at:

If you suspect a wildfire or see suspicious smoke, report it to the Vale BLM Dispatch Center at 541-473-6295.