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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Monday, June 6, 2016

Two Fires Start in BLM Vale District

Vale, Ore. – Lightning storms yesterday evening started two fires on the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Vale District.

The smaller of the two fires is being called the Palomino Hills Fire. It is approximately 50 acres in size and is expected to be contained today.

The larger fire is being called the Owyhee Canyon Fire, located approximately 38 miles southwest of Jordan Valley, Oregon. It is currently estimated to be nearly 23,000 acres in size. On site are six engines, a water tender, a bulldozer, three Snake River Valley (SRV) hand crews and one hot shot crew. Air attack is also on site conducting aerial coordination of suppression activities. More resources are on order. Two type-6 engines are en route to the fire. The fire is at zero percent containment.

Vale District Dispatch has forecasted winds upwards of 45 miles per hour—this coupled with high temperatures and abundant fine fuels in the area means that the likelihood of this fire spreading is very high.

“Despite the wet weather earlier in the year, we still have some areas that are dangerously dry,” said Pat Ryan, Field Manager for the Vale District’s Malheur Resource Area. “It just goes to show that with the right weather event, fires can develop quickly and spread just as fast.

More information on the Owyhee Canyon fire can be found at:
If you suspect a wildfire or see suspicious smoke, report it to the Vale BLM Dispatch Center at 541-473-6218.