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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Monday, July 25, 2016

Smoke very visible from Pioneer Fire as firefighters make progress on the southern flank

During the late afternoon, rising temperatures and moderate winds contributed to more active burning on the Pioneer Fire.  This burning produced a sizable plume of smoke that was visible throughout the area and gave the impression that the fire had spread farther than it did.

This warming trend will continue into the near future and will result in more active burning conditions.  As the fire spreads it is anticipated that the smoke will continue to be seen throughout a large area including Boise, Cascade, Lowman and beyond.

Firefighters are making good progress in securing the southern and southeastern flanks of the fire in order to protect the Elk Creek drainage, the main source of drinking water for the community of Idaho City.

The 3,725 acre fire is currently 32 percent contained and has 768 personnel engaged in the suppression action. 

These actions include the use of 10 helicopters, which are critical in supporting the fire with bucket drops and needed supplies.  They also include using 25 crews, 10 of which are Type1 elite hotshot crews due to the rugged terrain where the fire is located.

Forest closures are in effect and are subject to change periodically.  Current information can be viewed online at and at

The flight of unmanned vehicles such as “Drones” is strictly forbidden within the fire area including the area designated as a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR).