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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Monday, August 22, 2016


Idaho Falls, ID – Firefighters continue suppression activities on the Henrys Creek Fire (formerly referred to as the Blackhawk Estates Fire) as it burns approximately seven mile east of Idaho Falls, Idaho. The fire is estimated to be over 10,000 acres and continues to grow, propelled by dry fuel, high temperatures and gusty winds.


“Weather has been a major concern on this fire,” said Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Incident Commander Cory Berkebile. “The Red Flag warning for winds today hampered our firefighting efforts.” Extreme gusts drove the fire northeast at an increased rate of speed. The fire jumped the Bone and Sunnyside intersection late this afternoon and is pushing towards Willow Creek.


Bonneville County has issued evacuation notices to individuals living in the Sunnyside/Bone area down to Kepps Crossing. The Bonneville County Sheriff Department has asked individuals to stay away from the fire so firefighting operations are not impeded.


The following areas are closed:

Intersection of Bone and Lincoln

East Sunnyside from Crescent Drive

Ririe Reservoir, including Blacktail

Tex Creek

Meadow Creek

Fall Creek Road and

Long Valley Road


Structures are threatened at this time but none have been lost. No injuries have been reported. Numerous resources are fighting the blaze including federal, county and city engines. Skeleton crews will remain on scene during the night to try to make headway on the fire before temperatures and winds increase tomorrow.


Several drone intrusions were reported in the area yesterday. While flight operations were not suspended, drone interference is becoming a significant issue on wildfires.  For the safety of our firefighters, keep drones out of fire zones. Several additional air resources will be on scene tomorrow to assist ground resources so it is even more imperative that drones stay out of the area.


The cause of the fire is still unknown and currently under investigation.


Wildfire updates and fire prevention tips are available on  One less spark means one less Idaho wildfire.