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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pioneer Fire Update for Saturday, August 13th

Working with favorable weather conditions yesterday, a successful burnout operation was applied to treat fuels between the secure southwest corner and the uncontrolled line to its immediate north. The smoke column was visible for many miles. Along the east flank, operations worked to connect the Jackson Peak Lookout Road to the Trapper Ridge Fire of 2007 with a handline before initiating burnout operations in the evening. Throughout the night, operations patrolled the corridor on the northeast line assessing homes and taking care of hotspots.

On the north flank, steep terrain and bug-killed timber in the portion of the fire northwest of Lowman are posing significant challenges to firefighters trying to engage uphill, advancing fire in the Deadwood Drainage. Yesterday through tomorrow, containment lines are being built parallel to the burn perimeter on the northwest edge of the fire. Burn-out operations may be conducted this weekend to better secure those lines to keep the fire east of Danskin Creek. 

If weather allows, burnout operations will continue on the east flank of the fire. Crews are working on a very difficult direct line south of Highway 17 in an effort to keep it from moving west to Garden Valley. Crews are also working on indirect line north of Highway 17 in an effort to prevent fire spread toward Garden Valley and Lowman.

Suppression repair work will continue on the southwestern and northeastern lines of the fire.  Suppression repair work is a series of immediate post-fire actions taken to repair the impacts to the land and minimize the potential for soil erosion and other issues that might arise from these activities.

Acreage numbers in the update are based on thermal imaging captured by aircraft equipped with cameras that fly over the fire area at night.  These cameras can detect hotspots and areas of heat through smoke, darkness and tree cover, and provide accurate mapping of the fire’s perimeter.

Highway 17 remains closed from Little Gallagher Creek about 9 miles east of Garden Valley to Lowman due to hazardous and unpredictable conditions on the roadway.  Large rocks, debris, and sizeable logs continue to fall down the steep slopes above the roadway with enough force to destroy guardrails and cause severe road damage.

There are 1,459 personnel assigned to the fire. This includes 37 crews, 11 helicopters, 48 engines, 10 dozers, 22 water tenders and 6 masticators.

Forest Service Roads 327 and 384 are not open until further notice due to on-going fire activity.  Details on the Pioneer Fire Area Closure can be found at and at

Information is also available at or email questions to