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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fall-like Weather Keeps Pioneer Fire Quiet

LOWMAN, Idaho – Fire behavior is becoming minimal as fall weather deepens; however, like many years before, quiet fires on the Boise National Forest are known to rapidly change behavior with minor changes in weather. This is why firefighters are keeping a close watch on uncontained fire line that is showing signs of even the most minimal fire activity.


Firefighters were able to extinguish additional hot spots found yesterday in the vicinity of the Long Creek Summer Homes. They will use a handheld infrared camera today to find and extinguish remaining heat, further ensuring the safety of the cabins. 


Firefighters are assessing hoselays on the eastern flank. Hoses that have been exposed to freezing temperatures will be replaced today. Where they are no longer needed, firefighters will remove hoses and haul them back to camp. 


Suppression repair work on dozer lines near the Deadwood Lookout is ongoing. This work entails firefighters spreading seed on steep slopes, prior to an excavator covering it with a stabilizing layer of cut vegetation and leveling the berms. While this section has taken nearly a week to complete, there are still one or two days of work remaining. 


On the south end of the Fire, piles of trees that were pushed by bulldozers into large windrows during the construction of containment lines were discovered Sunday along the 316 Road. To repair the Road, engine crews and a processor will be cutting limbs and other debris away from the road. When the processor is done, an excavator will grade and smooth the road, making it safe for wood gatherers. 


Three 20-person hand crews will replace three crews that will be going home today after two weeks of hard work. The departing crews will have a chance to rest before being sent on their next fire assignment. 

Today’s weather is expected to be mostly cloudy and a little cooler than Monday. Winds may be gusty at times ahead of a low pressure system that will be moving through this area over the next few days.