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Friday, September 30, 2016

News Release –
Fall prescribed burning planned for Kamiah and Orofino areas

Date: September 30, 2016

Area agencies and private landowners are in the process of conducting prescribed fire treatments in many locations.  Prescribed fire is an important tool that benefits the ecosystem by destroying diseases, stimulating growth, and reducing the potential for catastrophic wildfires.

Smoke is a byproduct of all sources of fire.  To determine if burning will be allowed, we consider:
  • the number of fires burning or planned in the area
  •  the amount of smoke already present in the airshed
  •  the current and projected weather and air quality conditions
  •  coordination between agencies that conduct and/or oversee burning
Our agencies are working together to minimize smoke and share information with the public. For all smoke comments and complaints, please call the Smoke Hotline: 800-345-1007.

To find out about prescribed fires in your area, visit the Idaho Fire Information Blog at or the WRAP FETS map at

Burn Approvals:
For prescribed or backyard burning on the Nez Perce Reservation, please remember to obtain an EPA/Nez Perce Tribe air quality burn permit.  An additional permit is also required from the Idaho Department of Lands or Clearwater Potlatch Timber Protective Association when burning outside of city limits until October 20th.  Residents in Kamiah, please also contact the City of Kamiah or the Kamiah Fire Chief before igniting.  Residents in Orofino, please also contact the City of Orofino.  For burning outside of the Nez Perce Reservation: Montana/Idaho Airshed Group members, please also contact the Airshed Group; non-members or for general opening burning, please contact the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.

Visit These Websites for Air Quality & Burn Information:
Idaho Department of Environmental Quality:
Montana/Idaho Airshed Group:
Nez Perce Tribe Air Quality:
United States Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service and Idaho Department of Lands:  

Additional Contacts:
Dennis Behler, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, 208-799-4370
Johna Boulafentis, Nez Perce Tribe Air Quality Program, 800-720-4089
Nick Carter, Idaho Department of Lands, 208-935-2141
Clearwater Potlatch Timber Protective Association, 208-476-5612
City of Kamiah, 208-935-2672
City of Orofino, 208-476-4725
Jeannette Dreadfulwater/Bob Lippincott/Kevin Chaffee, Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests, 208-983-1950
Dan Fogleman, Bureau of Land Management, 208-962-3245
Jeff Handel, Nez Perce Tribe Forestry and Fire Management, 208-843-2827
Erin Law, Montana Idaho Airshed Group, 406-329-4952
Dan Musgrave, Kamiah Fire Department, 208-935-5231