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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pioneer Fire Update - Low Pressure System Moves over Fire, Bringing a Chance of Moisture

Lowman, Idaho – A low pressure system moving into the area off of the Oregon Coast is expected to arrive over the fire area today. The main force of the system will arrive Thursday, bringing with it a 70% chance of rain which could drop .25-.5” of moisture.
Firefighters are successfully meeting management goals by keeping the fire south of the Little Beaver Complex fire scar; east of the 555 Rd, Wild Buck Peak, and Lightning/Rattlesnake fire scars. The East flank of the fire is being held in check by the Lowman Fire scar. By using existing fire scars, firefighters are better able to take action in areas where it is safer to do so. In areas where it is more appropriate to let fire come to firefighters to extinguish it on their terms, firefighters are keeping close eyes on it.
Isolated heat was detected in a couple areas of the fire yesterday. Hand crews are extinguishing hot spots located on the 500 and 510 Road, which they will monitor for a few shifts to ensure they are out.
Approximately 12,000 feet of hose was removed from the 545 Road yesterday near the eastern perimeter. Trail and hand line repair are ongoing in this area as well.
Infrared technology was used in the area above the Long Creek Summer Homes to check for heat Monday. A substantial amount of hotspots were detected. Firefighters will work 100 feet in from any containment lines to ensure the fire cannot smolder to areas where the fire can ignite again. Once all remaining heat is extinguished, firefighters will feel comfortable dropping the evacuation notice that is in place down to a Level One.
Those not extinguishing hot spots are focusing on repairing dozer and handlines. The dozer line near Deadwood Lookout is nearly complete. When the equipment completes that dozer line, they will begin working on the two remaining dozer lines located west of Warm Spring Creek ridgeline and North of Deer Flat.
Additional repair work in the southern area of the fire was discovered Monday. Once equipment complete repair work in the northern reaches of the fire, it will be moved south to start projects located along the 316 Rd, 397Rd and the Golden Eagle Mine area.
While there are no fire restrictions in place on the Boise National Forest, all recreational users are asked to please be very careful to extinguish campfires for the safety of all.

Two additional fires near Arrowrock Reservoir were initial attacked last night. The Arrow Fire, more than 60 acres was contained last night. The Irish Fire, approximately 30 acres is expected to be contained later this afternoon. Both fires are under investigation.