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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Monday, February 13, 2017

Training Season is in Full Swing at the Great Basin Training Center in Boise, ID.

The Great Basin Training Center (GBTC) endeavors to provide high quality, interagency training opportunities to Great Basin geographic area students by offering an average of 45 intermediate and upper level wildland fire, aviation, prescribed fire, and fire management training courses each year.  

This week the GBTC is delivering L481 -  Advanced Leadership for Command and General Staff; 32 students from around the nation are participating. The course is a leadership development recommendation that focuses on leadership within the context of large/complex incident management, to include team collective tasks and functions accomplished by large Incident Management Teams (IMTs). 

Individual tasks include functioning as a productive member of a staff organization, being a positive contributor to staff decision making, maintaining a common operating picture, demonstrating staff member ethos, and projecting operational culture and leader’s intent.

Students Sarah Wheeler, Cory Berkebile, Clay Stephens, and Bryce Alexander from Idaho BLM. Dale Gardener from MCS, Solutions - Instructor.

Individuals from various location within the Idaho BLM organization are participating in the training as Fiance Section Chiefs.