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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Steer Core Ammunition added to the Idaho BLM Fire Prevention Order for items being "Restricted" on Public Lands

Idaho experiences numerous wildfires every year. It doesn’t take long for a small spark to become a major wildfire.  A wet winter and spring mean more grassy fuels. As it heats up and dries out, these fuels will easily ignite, and many people enjoy target practicing on public land.

During hot, dry summers the potential for causing a wildfire from target practice increases, so tracer and incendiary ammunition along with exploding targets are restricted for use on public lands through a Fire Prevention Order.

Magnet used to test for steel core
This year, the use of steel core ammunition will also be restricted.  In a study of ignition by rifle bullets conducted by the Rocky Mountain Research Station, found that bullet materials made of steel components and solid copper produce hot fragments that can ignite fine fuels. Please check your ammo to see if it does have a steel component, use a magnet, and if you see a painted tip, it’s a tracer, so don’t shoot it either. 

Before shooting on public lands check regulations and avoid shooting into rocks that could cause ricochets.  Also avoid areas of dry grass and other flammable materials.  Shoot in areas clear of all vegetation to avoid a potential ignition. Also, please practice the principles of leave no trace and pack out what you pack in.  Avoid shooting glass and leave your household items at home.

Be prepared.  Stay on designated roads and trails to avoid an ignition with your vehicle and carry a fire extinguisher and shovel just in case.

Be aware that ALL ammunition can cause a fire under the right conditions.  When it’s hot dry, and windy consider going to a public range where they have proper clearances…and shade!

The Fire Prevention Order is in effect from May 10th to October 20th, so do your part. Help Idaho BLM reduce the number of human caused fires. 

For more information, check out the Idaho Fire Information website:

Tracer Ammunition