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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Missouri Fire Update for July 19th

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Missouri Fire
Wednesday, 19 July 2017
Contact Fire Information: 208-634-0820

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Great Basin Type 2 Incident Management Team #4 assumed command of the Missouri Fire this morning. Team 4 will continue to manage the incident to achieve multiple objectives, limiting impacts to communities while allowing the fire to play its natural role in the wilderness. The lands managed by the Payette National Forest have vegetation and wildlife habitat that rely on fire to remain healthy and diverse.

Today, firefighters will begin building containment lines on the southern edge of the fire, from Profile Creek to Missouri Ridge. They will also continue building a line on the northern edge from Profile Creek up Missouri Creek. On the northern perimeter, the fire will be allowed to back down to the firefighters’ line. To the east, within the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness, fire personnel will monitor the fire’s progress and evaluate resources to be protected.

The Incident Management Team is operating from Cox Ranch along the Johnson Creek Road. Beginning tomorrow, the Profile Gap Road will have daily closure periods. From 8 – 10 AM and 6 – 9 PM, the road will be closed between Profile Gap Summit and the junction with the Stibnite Road (Forest Road 412). These time periods will minimize traffic on the roadways during the peak travel times for fire vehicles. All other roads are currently open to through traffic. However, travelers should drive slowly and use extra caution due to the increased traffic and large vehicles working traveling between the camp and the fire location.

Lightning started the Missouri Fire on the afternoon of Saturday, 15 July. Firefighting resources quickly responded, but winds on Sunday afternoon caused rapid growth, prompting the Payette National Forest to order the Type 2 Team. The team is composed of subject matter experts from Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming. An Incident Management Team assembles to assist a local land management agency during a large or complex incident so that the local agency can focus their resources on new fires.

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