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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Payette Dispatch Fire Update - July 20th

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Fire Information
Contact:  Brian Harris 208-634-6945
July 20, 2017 PM Update

McCall, Idaho – One new wildfire was reported today.  Southern Idaho Timber Protective Association responded to the Willow Creek Fire located in the West Mountain area, at the Shien Lake trailhead on private land at the south end of Cascade Reservoir.  The fire is being held at .10 of an acre and is suspected to be human caused.

Missouri Fire:  Fire activity on the Missouri Fire on the Payette National Forest was moderate today with no significant increase in acreage.  Valley County Sheriff Patti Bolen issued a Level 1 – READY evacuation order for the Edwardsburg/Big Creek area.  A Level 1 – READY evacuation order is a strong warning that people in the area should be ready to evacuate if conditions regarding the incident worsen.  Valley County uses a three level evacuation process.  Visit this link for a definition of Valley County’s Evacuation Levels:

Access to Edwardsburg/Big Creek is being limited due to the Missouri Fire.  The Warren-Profile Gap Road is closed indefinitely between Yellowpine and Edwardsburg.  The Warren to Edwardsburg segment is open, but road damage is limiting the size of vehicles that should be traveling this part of the road.  Valley County warns that large trucks and trailers are not advisable from Warren Summit the South Fork, and that the Elk Creek Summit roadway is in rough shape.  Visit this link for more information on the Missouri Fire:

Fire Restrictions:  There are currently no campfire restrictions in effect on National Forest, nor Bureau of Land Management lands.  Visitors are encouraged to use caution with fire and to not leave fire unattended.  
Idaho Department of Lands Closed Fire Season:  Individuals living outside city limits anywhere in Idaho who plan to burn on private lands for any reason – including crop residue burning and excluding recreational campfires – during “closed fire season,” from May 10 to October 20 every year, must obtain a fire safety burn permit.  If you live inside city limits and you plan to burn on private lands, a permit from your local fire department may be required.  Information and the fire safety permit application can be found at

BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT:  No new fires reported.

IDAHO DEPARTMENT OF LANDS:  No new fires reported.

PAYETTE NATIONAL FOREST:  No new fires reported.
Krassel Ranger District:
  1. Missouri Fire: (1194 acres) Started July 15 by lightning.  Located 8 miles northeast of Yellowpine along the Warren-Profile Gap Road.  No significant fire growth today.  A Level 1 READY evacuation has been put in place by Valley County for the Edwardsburg/Big Creek area.  A road closure is in effect for the Warren-Profile Gap Road between Yellowpine and Edwardsburg.  Visit this link for more information:

  1. Willow Creek Fire: (.10 ac) New start on private land July 20 – suspected human caused..  Located in the West Mountain area at the Skien Lake trail head.  This fire is contained and being monitored by personnel on scene.

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