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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Monday, July 24, 2017

Twin Falls District Morning Fire Update

Twin Falls District BLM Fire Update

Twitter: @BLMIdahoFire

Martin Canyon Fire

·         Located three miles east of Bellevue

·         Size: estimated 2,500 acres

·         Contain: unknown

·         Control: unknown

·         Resources: four Twin Falls District BLM engines, two Sawtooth National Forest engines, two dozers, one water tender, four type two hand crews, four type one hand crews, one camp crew, eight overhead  

·         Fuel type: grass, mountain shrub, Douglas fir, aspen

·         Fire behavior: moderate with very active fire on the east flank

·         Structures threatened: no immediate threat but structures in the area

·         Closures:

o   Muldoon Canyon Road from the entrance of EE-da-ho Ranch to Muldoon

o   Muldoon Canyon Road from the Little Wood Reservoir Dam to Muldoon

o   Muldoon Canyon is closed to recreation and camping

·         Cause: human - target shooting

Currently, the fire is burning to the northeast, away from Bellevue. Due to steep terrain and difficult access, the east flank of the fire is experiencing uphill runs. Fire fighters are working with aircraft to establish fire line before todays expected thunderstorms.

Access to the Muldoon Canyon Road is being restricted and the area is closed to recreation and camping. Please do your part to prevent human caused wildfires by restricting target practice to within approved ranges and remember to always clear the area around your target before taking aim.

 Cottonwood Fire (Final Update)

·         Located approximately 14 miles north of Shoshone

·         Size: 192 acres

·         Contain: 7/23/2017 at 9 p.m.

·         Control: 7/24/2017 at 4 p.m.

·         Resources: five engines, one dozers

·         Fuel type: grass and brush

·         Fire behavior: smoldering

·         Structures threatened: no

·         Cause: undetermined

 Per the Fire Prevention Order, the following acts are restricted on all public lands managed by the BLM within the State of Idaho:

·         Discharging, using, or possessing fireworks.

·         Discharging a firearm using incendiary, steel core, or tracer ammunition.

·         Burning, igniting or causing to burn explosive material including exploding targets.

·         Additional restrictions may be enacted based upon future fuel and weather conditions.

For More Information,

·         Kelsey Brizendine, Fire Information and Prevention Officer,

·         208-308-5991

·         Idaho Wildfires visit