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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests Fire Update - August 27

Kamiah, Idaho (August 27, 2017) –  With critical fire weather predicted well into this week and beyond, the public is urged to use extreme caution with any fire activity, at home or in the forest.  Campfires must not be abandoned and should be put dead out.  Firefighting resources are stretched thin and are critically needed for wildland fires which are expected to appear.  Removing firefighters from the landscape to address human-caused fires could have devastating effects.

Stage 1 fire restrictions are in effect in the Grangeville Fire Restrictions Area, Riverbreaks, Hells Canyon National Recreation Area, and Uplands.  The restrictions do not include wilderness areas.  Visitors should know before you go: fire and closure information is posted on the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests website Information on fire restrictions across the state is located at

Forest and Fire Management Staff considered the long-term effects of smoke in their decision to manage fires in the wilderness and roadless areas.  Fire managers are working with air quality specialists to monitor smoke and potential impacts to communities.  For current air quality in Idaho, please visit and for Montana .

Current status by district: 

Salmon River Ranger District
The Hanover fire (17,400 acres) is under the management of Dave Bales’ Southwest Type 2 Incident Management Team.   Information for the Hanover fire can be found at, at (208) 839-9974, or on Facebook.

All other fires on the district are out.

For more information on other fire activity or closures on Salmon River Ranger District, please call (208) 839-2211.

Lochsa/Powell Ranger District
Activity has increased on the Hidden fire at Hidden Lake in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness.  Now mapped at 5,318 acres, the fire has jumped Big Flat Creek and is burning with moderate activity on the slopes north of the creek.  The fire has also advanced on the south side of the creek.  It is now approximately 2.5 miles from the Montana state line.  Trail closures remain in effect for the safety and protection of the public. Smoke is expected to impact the local area as well as the Bitterroot and Missoula Valleys. 

For more information on fire activity or closures on the Locsha/Powell Ranger District, please call (208) 942-3113.

Moose Creek Ranger District
Four rappellers are working to suppress the new .5 acre Sparrow fire, one mile west of Sparrow Point.

The Falls fire (29 acres) in the Falls Creek drainage remains within containment lines.  It is expected to be a long-duration fire and is being actively suppressed and patrolled.

Fires in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness have had minimal to moderate activity as they continue to benefit from moisture from a few days ago; however, activity is expected to increase with the coming hot and dry weather.  Significant wilderness fires include:  Chute Creek fire (2,429 acres) grew only 4 acres in two days and remains 1.1 mile from Blodgett Lake;  Moose Creek 1 fire (13,536 acres ) grew  primarily along the northern edge with some activity  west of Cow Creek; Lone Pine fire (6,850 acres) showed activity and growth in the Weasel Creek drainage on the west side of the fire, as well as east of Lone Pine Creek and is close to merging with the Mink Peak fire;   Pettibone fire (307 acres) showed minimal growth to the southeast in Pettibone Creek; Mink Peak fire (821 acres) and Buck Lake fire (419 acres) showed only minimal activity; Tony fire (348 acres) increased acreage to the south in the Magpie Creek drainage and along the southeast perimeter.  Fire mangers continue to communicate with the Bitterroot National Forest regarding fires with potential to move onto that forest.
These wilderness fires are being monitored by air.  Various identified values at risk continue to be under point protection, including lookouts and bridges. An area closure and trail closures remain in effect.  Visitors recreating on the Selway River should expect to see smoke and fire in the area and should use caution, watching for falling trees and other hazards.
For more information on fire activity or area closures on the Moose Creek Ranger District, please call (208) 926-4258.

Red River Ranger District
The Little Green fire (.25 acre) was spotted one mile west of Green Mountain Lookout.  The fire is staffed and good progress is being made toward suppression.

Suppression efforts on the Bat fire (1.5 acre), 1.5 miles east of Big Mallard Creek Trailhead, are progressing well by the 27 persons staffing it.  The Duck fire (.75 acre), in heavy timber 2.5 miles east of Churchill Mountain, has 17 people on site and blasting of hazard trees will take place today.  Neither fire has gained acreage.  Ground resources will be assisted in suppression efforts with helicopter water drops.  The Elk fire (.2 acres) and Deer fire (.1 acre), both one mile southwest of Granite Peak, are contained in being mopped up by two rappellers each.

Fires in the wilderness have been relatively inactive the past few days.  Significant wilderness fires include:  the Patrol Ridge fire (251 acres), 4.5 miles east of Windy Saddle; the Plummer fire (estimated 200 acres), east of the Hanover fire; the Rattlesnake Point fire (4,626 acres) between Rattlesnake Creek and Sabe Creek on the Salmon River, which showed increased activity on the north toward Trail 577; and the Bleak fire (182 acres) north of Sheep Hill Lookout.   An area closure and trail closures remain for the safety and protection of the public.

For more information on fire activity or area closures on the Red River Ranger District, please call (208) 842-2245.

For fire information on Moose Creek 1, Rattlesnake Point, Lone Pine, Mink Peak, Chute, and Hidden fires, please visit .