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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Powerline Fire Update August 9, 2017

Fire Information: 208-238-8385

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Firefighters completed additional containment yesterday all along the eastern flank of the fire. The greener fuels in the higher elevation have caused an uneven and spotty fire edge. This incomplete burn line will continue to smolder as crews work to locate and extinguish hot spots. Along the western side of the burn, winds tested containment lines. The lines held firm and no fire growth occurred outside the existing black.

A public meeting was held in Arbon Valley last night where about 70 people attended to hear progress reports and plans for the fire in the coming days. Fire managers showed maps and photos that depicted the work done to reach the 47% containment achieved thus far.  

Although heavy rain fell in many areas around the Pocatello Valley, the fire received only scattered showers in many spots. Crews today will be focusing on locating and putting out hotspots that persisted through the sparse rain.  “Rain like we had yesterday helps slow fire behavior down, but it isn’t enough to put a fire this size out” said Incident Commander, Brook Chadwick. “There is still a lot of work left to do before we call it contained.”

While much of the work on the eastern side of the fire involves locating and extinguishing burning fuels, crews on the western flank will begin the work of repairing containment lines to minimize long-term impacts to the landscape.

Thunderstorms are predicted along with dry lightning, which may lead to new starts. With natural starts possible, fire managers are reminding the public to not add to the problem. One less spark, one less wildfire.

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