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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Smokey Bear turns 73!

Smokey Bear turns 73
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Idaho Falls, ID – Smokey Bear celebrates his 73rd birthday today, August 9. Give Smokey the gift of fire prevention.

Smokey Bear campaign originated during WWII to prevent lumber needed for the war effort from burning. Then in 1950 a bear cub was rescued by wildland firefighters from the Capitan Gap Fire on the Lincoln National Forest. The badly burned bear cub became the living icon of Smokey Bear.

Smokey Bear’s image is one of the most recognizable in the world. Having spread the fire prevention message for 73 years.

A majority of wildfires are human caused, keeping Smokey Bear’s message relevant. In 2016, 60,926 human-caused wildfires burned over 3.7 million acres.

In eastern Idaho fifty-percent of wildfires are human caused.

“Only you can prevent wildfires!”

- Please put your campfire DEAD OUT. Remember to extinguish your campfire every time you leave camp. Drown your fire with water, stir and feel it to ensure it is cold.

- Keep your vehicle maintained, mufflers secure, tires inspected and safety chains crossed and off the ground. One spark from dragging metal can cause a wildfire.

- Know before you go! Check if fire restrictions are in effect. If it is a hot, dry windy day it is not a fire safe day.

For more Smokey Bear trivia and fun activities visit For wildfire information visit One less spark, means one less wildfire.