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Friday, March 9, 2018

M-581, Fire Program Management hosted in Boise, ID

 The Great Basin Training Center hosted M-581 – Fire Program Management last week in Boise, ID. Students attending the course came from a variety of disciplines ranging from Fire Managers, Law Enforcement to Agency Administrators. 

The intent of the NWCG M-581 course is to provide Agency Administrators and Fire Program Managers a foundation for wildland fire program administration by focusing on the policies and procedures which govern the management of program elements in federal land management agencies. Course outcomes include:

1.     Familiarity with the policies which govern fire management programs.

2.    An understanding of the roles and responsibilities of an Agency Administrator in fire program oversight at the unit level.

3.    An understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a Fire Management Officer in fire program oversight at the unit level.

4.    An understanding of the critical nature of communication between Agency Administrator and Fire Management Officer in fire program administration.
Throughout the week, students engaged in discussion and scenarios that included topics like; Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy, Wildland Fire Organizational Culture and Leadership, Fuels and Vegetation Management, Safety and Risk Management, to Incident Business, to name just a few.
During the last two days of the course, students participated in team debates that covered the following topics:
·       The Can-Do Attitude Conflict.  Engaging wildland fire is worth the risk to firefighter’s lives.
·       National Strategy:  The National Cohesive Strategy is an effective framework to implement wildland fire programs.
·       The Blank Check:  Large wildfires should be paid for by FEMA Disaster Relief funding.
·       Mission Complexity Conflict:  Federal agency wildland fire programs should be consolidated into one comprehensive federal fire (service) agency.

Students left the course on Friday with a wide range of knowledge and information that will assist them not only during the upcoming fire season but throughout their careers.