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Friday, June 29, 2018

Idaho BLM partners with the Idaho Conservation Corp to train wildland firefighters

This week, the Idaho BLM Fire program partnered with the Idaho Conservation Corp. (ICC) and trained six women to become #wildland#firefighters.
Kelly Woods and her awesome team spent the week educating these firefighters-in-the-making about fire behavior and weather, tools of the trade and instilling leadership qualities. In addition, they learned from different fire case studies about situational awareness, decision-making, and past wildfire fatalities. #southcanyon
BLM and the Idaho Conservation Corps.

They toured the National Interagency Fire Center, Boise Smokejumper Base, Lucky Peak Helibase, and Boise Dispatch to get a little better insight on the wildfire community.
Finally, when all the classroom work was complete it was time to get out into the field and put it all together. Field day consisted of multiple stations set up a long a route meandering through the U.S. Forest Service - Boise National Forest near Grimes Creek. These stations consisted of the following: pumps and hoselays, tool safety and familiarization (pulaski, combi, mccleod, and shovels), firing devices, weather observations, radio use, handline construction, gridding and fire shelter deployment training.
Once all their training is complete, medical exams cleared and pack test taken they will be ready to join a handcrew or engine this summer.
Thank you Great Basin Training Unit for providing excellent instructors and leadership to get these ladies started in the right direction! #womeninfire #GBTU #fireseason2018 #partnerships