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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Wildfire Awareness event planned for June 19 in Lewiston

Lewiston, Idaho – Wildfire season is upon us, and the Bureau of Land Management and North Idaho Fire Prevention Cooperative hope to spread the word on how you can help prevent fires on public lands. 
Human-caused fires continue to outnumber lightning-caused fire starts each season.  In an effort to help curb the number of human-caused starts, fire prevention representatives will hold a wildfire awareness event June 19 from 3-7 p.m., at the Lewiston North 40 Outfitters located at 2981 Thain Grade in Lewiston. 
Everyone is welcome to the free event, which will offer tips and recommendations for recreating on public lands without creating a spark.  Information on fire-tolerant landscaping and creating defensible space around homes will also be available.
The event also focuses on shooting responsibly with the goal of promoting good practices when target shooting. Simple measures such as avoiding shooting on hot, dry and windy days, refraining from shooting into rocks or metal objects, and placing targets in areas free of vegetation are just a few ways to help lessen the chances of causing a wildfire.
As the Fourth of July approaches, the Bureau of Land Management and North Idaho Fire Prevention Cooperative wish to remind visitors to public lands that the annual fire prevention order prohibits specific fire-related activities on public lands from May 10 to Oct. 20. This includes burning explosive materials or using fireworks, exploding targets or tracer ammunition on BLM-managed lands in Idaho. 
“The goal of the annual fire prevention order is to reduce the number of human-caused wildfires,” said Peter Ditton, acting BLM Idaho State Director, “The BLM appreciates your continued efforts to help protect our public lands, one of our nation’s greatest treasures.”

For latest information on fire restrictions, tips for fire preparedness and current information on active wildland fires, please visit