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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Keithly Fire Update

Sunday, July 29, 2018   9 a.m.

Fire Information Line: (208) 414-0044 8a.m. - 8p.m.
Email address:
Twitter: @Idahofireinfo

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Evacuations: The Washington County Sheriff’s office lifted the mandatory evacuation in Mann’s Creek area July 28
at 8:00 p.m. Both Mann’s Creek and Deer Creek areas are open to the general public.  Fire traffic is still working in
the area, so please drive carefully to allow them to work safely.
Summary: A flight took place last night to map the Keithly Fire perimeter and detect heat. The fire is now 17,600
acres and 50% contained. As winds picked up Saturday afternoon, a small spot fire near Keithly Creek sparked,
growing to a half acre before engine crews and dozer quickly caught and contained it. They will be working in the
this area to construct handline and extinguish any new heat that may appear. The current and forecasted weather
conditions are a concern as dust devils could occur, sparking new spot fires from wind-blown embers. If this occurs,
new fires have the potential to grow very quickly. Firefighters remain vigilant to ensure no new spot fires occur.
As crews secure containment lines, they are also working with a resource advisor to assess and repair dozer and
handline lines to minimize scarring and erosion. Resource advisors are specialists who understand the sensitive
nature of the landscape. They work closely with firefighters to provide guidance and recommendations for
suppression repair to minimize disturbance to the land. On the Keithly fire, they are identifying fences and dozer lines
that need to be repaired.
Today: Pockets of heat remain along Deer Creek north to Sage Creek and Keithly Creek. Firefighters are
extinguishing heat around homes in the 1000 Springs area and looking for interior hotspots around the fire area.  
Weather: Triple-digit heat, very dry air, with periodic erratic winds will persist over the fire area. Winds are terrain
driven and may gust up to 20 mph which increases the chance of dust devils forming.  A dust devil is a strong,
well-formed, and relatively long-lived whirlwind, ranging from small to large which can move in any direction picking
up embers along the way.
National Forest Closure: For public safety and protection from hazards associated with wildfire, the Payette National
Forest issued a forest closure in the area of Mann’s Creek and Keithly Creek.  The closed area begins at the SW corner
of T14N, R6W, Section 25 and follows the Payette National Forest boundary East to the junction of the National
Forest Boundary, Forest Road 25 (Adams Creek), then North and West to the junction of the boundary at Hwy 71.  
The closure includes all roads and trails within the area. The following roads entering the area are closed at the
National Forest Boundary: White Pine Creek, Keithly Creek, Mann’s Creek, and Jenkins Creek on the East and
South boundaries; Dennett Creek on the West boundary; Middle Fork and Brownlee on the north boundary.  For a full
description and map of the closure, go to the Keithly Fire on Inciweb:


Mesa Fire: The Mesa Fire ignited on July 26th at 8 pm approximately 4 miles south of Council, Idaho.
The fire is burning east of Hwy 95 in tall grass, brush and timber. Yesterday and today the fire burned
actively into the evening and is currently at 20,233 acres and 5% contained.
Visit for additional fire information.