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Monday, July 9, 2018

Mica Forest Protective District Takes Step to Reduce Human-Caused Fires


125 West Hayden Avenue · Hayden, Idaho  83835

                                                                                Craig Etherton – President          208-659-8986
Larry Simms –   Vice-President  208-686-7004
                                                            Lisa Merritt –     Secretary          208-772-5711
                                                            Dean Marcus – Treasurer           208- 772-5711           

The Kootenai County Fire Chiefs and Idaho Department of Lands Mica District have decided to cease the issuance of all burn permits in the Mica Fire Protection District, as of July 5, 2018.

If you currently have a permit to burn yard waste it is good until its expiration date, no more than 10 days from today. You must have a copy of your permit on hand if fire department personnel ask for it. Please check with your local fire department with questions.

“We have experienced a number of escaped fires within the last two weeks that were the result of people burning debris. In some of these cases the persons involved had burn permits, but were burning material that was not included with their permit. In other cases, the persons involved did not have a permit.

In all of these incidents the fire behavior exhibited was more extreme than would be expected based on the appearance of the fuels and the time of year. This in turn resulted in a major commitment of time and resources in order to contain the fires.” Stated IDL Mica District Fire Warden Pat Latham

The state wide burn permit program will not allow you to obtain a burn permit after 12:30 p.m. today, July 5th.

IDL and the Kootenai County Chiefs will continue to evaluate the conditions in our area, more restrictions may be placed in the near future.

CALL 911 if your fire spreads beyond your control IMMEDIATELY.

Thank you and Stay Safe

Craig Etherton

Craig Etherton - President