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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Saturday, July 28, 2018

MM73 HWY 55 Fire Morning Update - July 28th

Today, fire crews will continue their efforts on increasing containment along the fire’s edge. Good progress has been made utilizing support from aerial resources and containment is currently 60%.  The northeastern flank of the fire has the most potential for growth, and this is where resources will focus their attention. Crews will continue strengthening the fireline by utilizing burnout operations to remove fuel from the fire’s path.  This will slow and stop the fire’s movement to the east into Jerusalem Valley.

 Fire resources, both crews and vehicles, will continue to be visible along Highway 55 today​.

The terrain is steep and rocky, and crews have reported that rocks and vegetation on the steep slopes have become unstable due to fire activity. These loose rocks have the potential to roll down onto the highway below. It is imperative for the safety of our firefighters and the public traveling on Highway 55 near the fire area to proceed with extreme caution as rocks and debris may be found on or near the roadway.

Aviation resources will also continue to be utilized to support firefighters on the ground for the Mile Marker 73 Highway 55 Fire.  Helicopters assigned to the fire will be using the Cascade Airport as a temporary base and will be utilizing the Payette River to fill their buckets in order to support firefighters on the ground. Traffic on the highway corridor may want to stop and view the aerial operations but are reminded that stopping along the roadway is prohibited and poses a direct threat to public safety. Please keep moving, and do not stop to view the helicopters working.

The fire weather forecast today continues to call for hot and dry conditions with temperatures in the upper 90s and single digit humidity, which will increase the potential for a fire activity.