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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Mesa Fire Update - August 12th

Much of the Mesa Fire has been a mosaic burn, which is a mixture of burned and unburned patches of vegetation. Yesterday, several engines and handcrews patrolled the northeastern flank of the fire. Crews mopped up the night firing operation from two days ago in Cookhouse Gulch.

Firefighters’ main focus today will be extinguishing hotspots along the fire edge. Preparations on the 200 Road, such as hose lay, contingency dozer line and hand line, remain on site for the possibility of a small firing operation, which will completed when conditions are favorable. This operation will further secure the fire edge to prevent fire from spreading east into Cottonwood Basin.

In the southeastern portion of the fire, handcrews continue to mop up scattered heat well within the fire perimeter in the Warm Spring Creek and Little Falls Creek drainages. Firefighters have been utilizing gridding – a technique used commonly to thoroughly seek out hotspots to ensure all heat is extinguished. Firefighters line out evenly spaced and move as a single organized unit through unburned fuel within the fire perimeter.

Smoke from out of state fires continues to be visible. There is a possibility of smoke reduction today with a change in winds out of the east. Relative humidities increased last night but will drop into the teens during the day. Temperatures should be ~10 degrees cooler. Terrain driven winds of 3-5 mph are possible on open slopes and sustained winds of 6-9 mph over the fire area. Forecasted weather this week continues to be more favorable for containment efforts.

Please use caution when traveling in the area and be aware of fire traffic.

TEMPORARY FLIGHT RESTRICTIONS: Temporary flight restrictions (TFR) are in effect over the entire fire area. Remember, temporary flight restrictions also apply to unmanned aircraft systems (drones), so if you fly, we can’t!

FIRE RESTRICTIONS: Central Idaho, including the Payette National Forest, is under Stage I Fire Restrictions. For more information please visit:

CLOSURE: Forest Closure Order is in effect (#0412-524) for areas within and surrounding the Mesa Fire. For more information visit: