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Friday, August 24, 2018

Rabbit Foot Fire Update - August 24th

Summary: On the Panther/Morgan Creek (055) and the Silver Creek (108) roads, tree processors and chipping operations have been cleaning debris left by feller-bunchers as they  improved the roadside to be used as a primary control line. Crews continue to work with Resource Advisors to improve indirect suppression lines; creating the least impact to the landscape while also setting up firefighters for success. Around the fire perimeter 95% of the indirect line and roads have been improved.  Crews have been able to go direct on the southern portion of the fire and extending west from Morgan Creek to Woods Peak.

Yesterday, firefighters scouted potential locations for additional contingency lines due to the expected increase fire behavior. This is expected over the weekend due to rising temperatures and lower humidity levels.

An infrared flight occurred this early morning showing fire growth yesterday to be about 300 acres. Today, with fire weather expected to increase and there may be visible smoke to the public for the first time in a few days. Wind speeds will increase with gusts up to 34 mph.

A morning convoy has been occurring daily on Morgan Creek road in order to shuttle crews, supplies, and mail deliveries through the fire area and closure.

Lead elements of the Type 2 Great Basin Incident Management Team 4 will begin arriving today  in preparation for the transition of fire management. The formal inbrief of Team 4 by Salmon-Challis Agency Administrators is scheduled for this evening.

Weather: Temperatures will rebound to the low 80’s and clear skies are expect throughout the day. The approaching high pressure air mass will be dry but stable and should generate little wind.

Closures: Stage One fire restrictions remain in effect on National Forest, Bureau of Land Management, State, and County lands. Fire related area closure orders remain in effect. For more information on fire restrictions and area closures, visit Inciweb: ( or the Salmon-Challis Facebook page: (

Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR): Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) for non-incident aircraft, including drones, is in place over the fire area. Pilots see NOTAM #8/1105.

Evacuation Notices: The Lemhi County Sheriff’s department will continue to notify residents regarding any level of evacuation planning. Please contact the Lemhi County Sheriff’s department for any questions related to evacuations at (208) 756-8980.
August 24, 2018. Perimeter Map