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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Wildfire Prevention and Education Team Mobilized


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August 3, 2018                                                                                      
 Contact: Melissa Yunas(772)260-0053

Wildfire Prevention and Education Team Mobilized

TWIN FALLS, IDAHO - As extreme wildfire conditions increase across Idaho, the Bureau of Land Management mobilized a Wildland Fire Prevention Education Team to enhance ongoing local wildfire outreach prevention efforts. August 3, 2018, the team was tasked to raise awareness of Idaho’s wildfire threat from target shooting and enlist the public’s support to take personal responsibility to reduce wildfire risks. For the first few days, the team will concentrate their efforts in and around the Twin Falls area.
“August is typically the peak month for wildfire activity,” explained Fire Prevention Team Lead Zachary Ellinger. “Since January 2018, the Bureau of Land Management responded to approximately 70 human-caused wildfires that have burned over 29,000-acres (which includes the Sharps Fire near Bellevue). As a community, we can reduce future wildfires by taking a few extra precautions.”
Using recent fire behavior, ignition research and historical fire occurrences, the Fire Prevention Education Team will emphasize the Shoot Responsibly-Idaho statewide initiative campaign. The campaign is designed to provide constant reminders during this fire season to reduce the number of target shooting fires throughout the state. Since 2015, over 30% percent of wildfire ignitions in Idaho were attributed to exploding target and ammunition sparking off rocks and other hard-surfaced materials (metal targets). Outdoor shooting enthusiasts are encouraged to use public lands safely, while following the current fire restrictions and incorporating wildfire safety practices into their routine.
Until the fire threat is diminished, all Idahoans can take steps to prevent the next wildfire from occurring.
One less spark means one less wildfire; let’s all do our part.