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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Southwest Idaho Fall prescribed burning planned

Boise, Idaho. Sept. 26, 2018 -- Southwest Idaho interagency fire managers anticipate favorable weather conditions for planned low-intensity prescribed burns this fall. Prescribed burns are designed to reduce hazardous vegetation (fuels), minimize wildfire potential near communities and improve wildlife habitat.
Weather and fuel conditions permitting, prescribed burns are scheduled to start in October and continue through November. Approximately 2,600 acres are planned for controlled ignitions in 13 project areas within the Boise National Forest.
Public and firefighter safety is always the first priority in all public land fire operations. Fire managers develop burn plans that consider: safety, specific fuel and weather prescriptions and smoke management. All prescribed burns are closely evaluated and are only approved when conditions are favorable.
Fire officials strongly advise forest visitors and homeowners to prepare and plan activities around the proposed dates and locations of burns.  Prescribed burns may impact individual’s that are sensitive to smoke. Recreationists should use extreme caution near prescribed fire areas and comply with closures.
Access to areas immediately within or adjacent to burning operations may be temporarily restricted for public health and safety. Specific information and signage will be posted in advance of ignitions and remain in place until operations are completed. Please be cautious of firefighters and additional equipment within these areas as visibility will be decreased with smoke.
The website is updated with information regarding southwest Idaho burns planned within Idaho Department of Lands, Bureau of Land Management, Payette National Forest and Boise National Forest.
The Boise National Forest prescribed burn hotline: (208)-373-4208.

Idaho City Ranger District
·     Alder Ridge (100 acres): located 1 mile north of Placerville, Idaho. This is a landscape burn (ground fire), using hand ignitions to reduce fuel in the wildland urban interface (WUI).
·     Amber (300 acres): located 2 miles east of Idaho City, Idaho. This is a modified tree well burn.
·     Buckskin (200): located approximately 3 miles east of Idaho City, Idaho.
·     Little Ophir (100 acres): located 4 miles west of Pioneerville, Idaho. A landscape burn using hand ignitions that will reduce fuel in the WUI.
·     Mores South-Granite Creek (250 acres): located 3 miles east of Idaho City, Idaho. This is a landscape burn (ground fire) using hand ignitions to reduce fuels in the WUI.
Cascade Ranger District
·     Horsethief (360 acres): located about 1 mile east/northeast of Horsethief Reservoir. This burn involves helicopter and hand ignitions to reduce fuels throughout the area that is within the WUI.
·     Westside Restoration Unit 39 (25 acres): This project is located on National Forest System (NFS) road 435 along West Mountain. It is approximately 10 miles west of Cascade, Idaho. This will be hand ignitions burn to reduce fuels within the WUI.
·     Crawford (100 acres): located approximately 4 miles east of Cascade, Idaho adjacent to the Crawford Guard Station, located off of NFS road 22, northeast of Davis reservoir; within WUI area.
·     Lower Johnson Thinning (95 acres): Is a project designed to reduce hazardous fuels within the WUI. This project is located approximately 7 miles south of Yellow Pine along NFS road 413 and Johnson Creek.
·     Yellow Pine Blowdown (40 acres): is located approximately 62 miles from Cascade, Idaho and is adjacent to the community of Yellow Pine. Hand Ignitions will be used to ignite machine piles along NFS roads 412, 413.
·     Rainbow Point (19 acres): This project is located approximately 25 miles northwest of Cascade, Idaho. Machine Piles located within the Rainbow Point campground will be ignited by hand to reduce fuel accumulations throughout the campground.
Mountain Home Ranger District
·     Cottonwood II Rx (1000 acres): This project is located about 17 miles NE of Boise, Idaho along NFS roads 203 and 377 in the Cottonwood Creek drainage, north of Arrowrock Reservoir.
Emmett Ranger District
·       Miscellaneous Administrative Piles (1-2 acres): At Garden Valley work center.