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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

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Close: 01/02/2019

Fact Sheet - Applying to Wildland Fire Positions

◊ How to Apply - If you would like to be considered for a temporary seasonal position or compete for a higher grade, you must apply online through the USAJOBS website at for this opportunity.  Follow the steps below to apply to a vacancy announcement.  Additional information on how to apply can be found at
TIP:  Register and post, or update your current resume with USAJOBS before finding and applying to vacancy announcements. 

◊ To Qualify – As an applicant, you will self-qualify yourself for the position(s) & grade(s) you apply for based on the answers to the questions you submit online.  Your answers to the questions MUST be verifiable on your resume.  When completing your resume it is important to include the following information:  month/year to month/year and work schedule (hours worked per week) for each position held.  Failure to provide this information may negatively affect the qualification determination.  All qualifications will be verified by the Human Resources Office prior to final selection. 

Step 1 Go to:
Step 2 Select, Sign in or Create an Account, (top right hand corner)
To Create an Account you are asked to fill out a short form with basic personal information and click “Submit” at the bottom when you are finished.  When you submit your form, you are automatically logged into your USAJOBS account.
Step 3 RESUME:  You must create a resume BEFORE applying for a job. Click on “Build
New  Resume” follow the steps to create your online resume.  On the last tab, ‘Finishing Up’, select the “Save for Later”, this saves your resume.  You can store up to 5 resumes in USAJOBS.  You have now completed the registration and resume information process, but still need to APPLY.  We DO NOT accept uploaded resumes.
Step 4 FIND VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT:  To find the vacancy announcement you want
to apply to, click on “Search Jobs” (Drop-down menu at top right-hand corner of the website), select ‘Search Jobs-Main Page’ then type in either the Announcement Number or City/State or Zip Code in the correct blocks on USAJOBS.
Step 5 REVIEW VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT:  Review the announcement thoroughly. 
The announcement describes who is eligible to apply, what experience and/or education are required and what supporting documentation you need to fax/upload with your application.  Your resume and documentation must support your responses to the vacancy questions.
Step 6 APPLY:  Click “Apply Online”, link at the side of the page.  Select your USAJOBS
resume to submit with your application and answer the vacancy questions.  At the end you will click “Finished” and be redirected back to ‘My Account’ on  USAJOBS, where you can track your application.
Step 7 SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION:  Submit required supporting documentation that
applies to you. 
Step 8 Check your Application Status.  Click on "Application Status " after you are logged in
to "My Account", select "View all Applications" at the bottom of the pop-down screen, then find the vacancy you applied to, under the Application Status column, it will indicate your status, "Resume Received" means we have received your application.  If you select "More Information" it will direct you to another screen, where we post comments as to if you qualify or not.  You will be notified through e-mail if you are referred.
You must complete the entire application process and be automatically redirected back to USAJOBS to successfully apply to a vacancy announcement

If you have questions or need assistance with the on-line application process, call the FIRES Help desk at
(888) 364-6432, or email

If you have questions regarding positions in Idaho, please contact the following:
Walter Hall, HR Specialist, Statewide Temporary Fire Program Lead at (208) 373-3927 or email