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Monday, April 29, 2019

USFS News Release - Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests announce spring prescribed burning plans

The Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests announced plans today for their annual spring prescribed fire projects. Planned ignitions will begin as early as next week, when weather and fuel conditions become optimal for achieving management objectives while minimizing smoke impacts to surrounding communities. Weather, fuel and smoke conditions will be closely monitored and the prescribed burning program will continue as long as conditions remain favorable.

Fire plays an integral role in our environment and is a natural process that will occur, regardless if it is a planned, managed burn or an unplanned wildfire. Prescribed burning is done to reduce fuels, selectively thin the understory in densely forested stands, stimulate growth in fire-tolerant plant species, prepare sites for hand tree planting, enhance forage for wildlife, and return fire’s natural role to the landscape.

Prescribed fire, combined with mechanical and/or hand thinning treatments are effective land management tools used to reduce the accumulation of hazardous fuels. Minimizing hazardous fuels reduces fire intensity and the risk of catastrophic wildland fires and creates strategic fuel breaks in the wildand-urban interface. In turn, this action minimizes the risk to public and firefighter safety.

Smoke from prescribed fires is significantly less than what would be expected from a mid-summer wildfire. If smoke concentrations approach minimum air quality standards, ignitions may be delayed until air quality improves. Residual smoke may be visible for up to two weeks following ignition, but most of the smoke from the fires will dissipate in one or two days.

Short duration trail and area closures may be implemented for public and firefighter safety during prescribed burn activities. Closure information can be found at

Acres planned include all lands encompassed in the prescribed burn project areas. However, not every acre will burn or be ignited. The planned prescribed fires by ranger district are as follows:

Salmon River Ranger District – 3,100 acres planned:
·       Blue Mountain – 650 acres located six miles west of Riggins
·       Wickiup – 750 acres located nine miles east of Grangeville
·       Little Medicine – 1,300 acres located nine miles east of Grangeville
·       McComas Plantation – 300 acres located nine miles east of Grangeville
·       Buckshot – 100 acres located 15 miles south of Grangeville, off Forest Service Road #221 at milepost 31

Lochsa/Powell Ranger District – 252 acres planned:
·       White White harvest units – 52 acres located two miles southeast of Musselshell Work Center
·       Woodrat harvest units – 200 acres located two miles northwest of Syringa

North Fork Ranger District – 189 acres planned:
·       Preacher Dewey – 59 acres located four miles east of Pierce, north of Forest Service Road #250
·       Middle Black – 130 acres located north of Kelly Creek Work Center

Moose Creek Ranger District – no acres planned:
·       No planned spring burns

Palouse Ranger District – 106 acres planned:
·       Bluejacket timber sale – 66 acres located 2.5 miles northeast of Laird Park Campground
·       Cherry Dinner project – 40 acres located one mile northeast of Little Boulder Campground

Red River Ranger District – 834 acres planned:
·       Orogrande Fuels project – 298 acres west of Orogrande along the Cooked River Road
·       South Township – 536 acres along the south border of the Elk City Township

Specific information on the location and timing of these prescribed burns is available at each of the district offices:
·       Salmon River Ranger District – Richard Stiles or Graydon Galloway, 208-983-1950
·       North Fork Ranger District – Brandon Skinner or TC Peterson, 208-476-4541
·       Powell Ranger Station – Jon Norman or Brandon Cichowski, 208-942-3113
·       Moose Creek Ranger District – Tim Schaeffer or Joe Sullivan, 208-926-4258
·       Lochsa Ranger Station – Sean Gaines or Neal Cox, 208-926-4274
·       Palouse Ranger District – Lisa Spinelli or Alan Carlson, 208-875-1131
·       Red River Ranger District – Josh Bransford or Tom McLeod, 208-842-2245