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Friday, August 30, 2019

Be fire safe this holiday weekend on public lands

As the final holiday weekend of the summer approaches, and plans are being formulated for that last big hurrah outdoors, fire agencies are asking the public to take that extra precaution when recreating on Idaho’s #publiclands.  Temperatures and fuel conditions in grass and brush continue to be conducive for fire starts and rapid rates of spreads.  The devastation from a wildfire caused by a spark from a dragging chain, or an ember from an unattended campfire can take generations to recover.  Here are some fire safety tips to follow while enjoying Idaho’s #publiclands this holiday weekend:

ü  Know before you go.  Check regulations and rules. Remember to check for fire restrictions including the BLM Fire Prevention Order that is in effect from May 10th-October 20th. Currently, there are NO fire restrictions in effect for campfires.
ü  Stay on designated roads and trails.  Equipment such as cars and ATV’s can have extremely hot exhaust systems that can ignite dry vegetation.
ü  Maintain your equipment such as ATV’s and chainsaws with USDA approved spark arresters to prevent exhaust particles igniting dry vegetation.

ü  Conduct a 360’ vehicle safety check before you depart. Ensure safety chains are not dragging, tires are properly inflated, and wheel bearings have been greased.
ü  Be prepared for fire!  Always bring water, a fire extinguisher, and a shovel.
ü  Campfires wanted dead out! Drown your fire with water, stir with a shovel, and feel that it is cold.
ü  Shoot responsibly and spread the word to other shooters.  
ü  Clear the area of all vegetation around your targets when target shooting.
ü  Check weather conditions.  Hot+ Dry+ Wind = Quick Spreading Wildfires.
ü  Pack it in, pack it out! Make an effort to keep public lands clean. This includes cleaning up garbage or debris that is a result of target practice and camping.
ü  Report any wildfire or illegal activity. See something, say something!

For more fire information and prevention tips:
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Idaho BLM Fire Twitter - @BLMIdahoFire