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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Boone Fire burning near Jedediah Smith Wilderness

The Boon fire ignited August 16 and is located approximately 25 miles north of Driggs, ID on the Wyoming border. The fire is estimated to be 26 acres in size. Fire behavior is minimal with isolated group and single-tree torching and smoldering and creeping along the forest floor.

“Fire serves many roles in the ecosystem,” said Jeff Hill, Fire Management Officer. “Due to the location of this fire and limited private values at risk, managers felt this fire would be good to reduce existing biomass, recycle nutrients into the soil, and regenerate vegetation, along with increase plant and animal diversity.” Management activities will focus on preventing fire spread toward private lands and public land infrastructure. Currently the fire is five miles South and West of the BSA, Camp Loll.

Smoke from the Boone Fire will be visible likely until a major precipitation event occurs or until it snows. Fire managers urge individuals to use caution when recreating or hunting in the area due to fire hazards. Currently the 003, South Boone Trail is Closed to protect the public.

FS lands often have vegetation and wildlife habitat that require fire to remain healthy. On forested lands, up to 60 percent more of the landscape burned historically than now, especially in the West. To diminish the “fire deficit” and thereby mitigate fire risk, the FS and partners are using this fire management strategy that protects values from harm, but also reduces future wildfire risk from excessive fuel accumulation. Fire officials will continue to monitor weather and fuel conditions daily to predict the fire’s spread.

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