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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Friday, August 30, 2019

Fall Creek Aspen Restoration Project still going strong

The Fall Creek Aspen Restoration Project is sponsored and supported by several organizations including the Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. By increasing aspen stands and enhancing vegetation diversity and composition through this prescribed fire effort, the IDF&G, CTNF and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation seek to improve big game habitat.

Fire Managers will continue to evaluate conditions with the intent to continue actively burning through Sept. 6 should weather conditions allow. The Forest and IDF&G is aware that a small portion of Hunting Unit 66 is affected between 4th of July and Commissary Ridge. However, the majority of the area is still open to archery enthusiasts. FS 260 OHV trail is temporary closed for public safety as firefighters work to clean out snags along the trail.

During red flag conditions or high wind days this week, the forest halted firing operations and continued to hold previously created containment lines to make sure the fire didn’t escape the burn unit boundaries. Work resumed when conditions were conducive to burning. Prescribed fires must occur at specific times of the year when weather and fuel conditions are conducive to meeting project objectives.

Fire managers can control the pace at which they ignite prescribed fires, and carefully consider current and predicted weather during implementation.  Smoke can be expected to settle in drainages and low-lying areas during the evening and early morning hours.  By proactively managing forest fuels, fire managers are attempting to mitigate the future risk of prolonged smoke events from high intensity wildfires and create healthier and resilient landscapes.

We anticipate interior pockets will continue to burn once the burning operations are complete. Smoke will be visible until a major weather event with measurable precipitation.  Approximately 800 acres have been completed as of August 29th