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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Palisades Ranger District completes 2400-acre aspen restoration project

Idaho Falls, ID— The Caribou-Targhee National Forest (CTNF) Palisades Ranger District completed prescribed fire operation in the Fall Creek Basin near Commissary and Fourth of July Ridges on Sept. 6. Implementation of the prescribed fire occurred over two weeks when fire managers could carefully assess daily weather conditions to determine the exact timing and location for hand and aerial ignitions.  During predicted red flag warning periods, ignition operations ceased, and firefighters held the fire within pre-established containment lines.
Example of mosaic burn pattern in Fall Creek

In partnership with the Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation the CTNF successfully treated 2,400 acres to improve aspen stand and wildlife habitat.  “By introducing wildland fire back on the landscape fire managers can begin to restore and maintain aspen across the CTNF,” said Fire Management Officer Spencer Johnston.  “The success of this multi-year project is largely contributed to the firefighters on the ground, aviation resources, dispatch, support personnel and our partnership support.”

Residual smoke and fire activity are expected in the area. The fire will continue to smolder and creep with the occasional single tree torching possible as weather conditions warm and dry into the weekend. No trail or area closures are in effect; however several hazards exist within in the prescribed fire area including falling snags, rolling rock or debris and an increase in smoke. The public is urged to maintain their situational awareness. The CTNF strongly encourages forest users to stay informed and use caution if recreating in the vicinity of the prescribed fire area that includes Commissary Road 017, Fourth of July Ridge Trail 262 and Commissary/Fourth of July connector trail 260.

For more information contact the Palisades Ranger District at 208-523-1412.