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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Friday, May 8, 2020

Together for Idaho....We Protect!

Statewide, Idaho –Another fire season is approaching, and BLM Idaho is asking for your help to prevent human-caused fires. BLM Idaho State Director John F. Ruhs recently signed the 2020 Fire Prevention Order, which prohibits specific fire-related activities on public land from May 10 to Oct. 20. The Fire Prevention Order makes it illegal to burn explosive material or exploding targets, fireworks or steel component ammunition on BLM-managed lands in Idaho.

“The goal of the annual fire prevention order is to reduce the number of human-caused wildfires,” said Ruhs, “This season more than ever,  it is vital that we work together to help lessen the exposure for our firefighters and first responders. Reducing the number of unwanted wildfires takes a -team effort- and all Idahoans are part of that team.”

Additional language has been added to the Fire Prevention Order to increase awareness and personal responsibility while on public lands. Shooting at steel or ferrous material(s) in areas with dry vegetation is now prohibited; please refrain from shooting at the following items: steel targets, propane tanks, refrigerators, old cars, or similar objects.

Any person who knowingly and willfully performs any act restricted by the Fire Prevention Order could be subject to a fine and held responsible for fire suppression and/or rehabilitation costs.

With the current situation, we need to do all that we can to not only take the measures to protect our homes and property but support our local firefighters and first responders. Let us all take it personal this summer and together we can help protect our public lands!

To read the BLM Idaho 2020 Fire Prevention Order, or for the most recent information concerning wildfires, fire restrictions, and fire prevention and education, can be found at the BLM Idaho Fire and Aviation webpage – and the Idaho Fire Info webpage .