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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Twin Falls District Fire Update

For Immediate Release: August 1, 2020

Contact: Kelsey Brizendine, 208-308-5991


Twin Falls District BLM Fire Update

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Twitter: @BLMIdahoFire

Drops Fire


       Location: north of Shoshone, behind the transfer station, near the Little Drops

       Size: 3,827 acres

       Containment: estimated 8/2 at 4 p.m.

       Control: estimated 8/5 at 6 p.m.

       Resources: Two Sawtooth National Forest engines, two Boise BLM engines, seven TFD engines, two TFD water tenders, one Boise BLM dozer, one TFD dozer, six overhead, three helicopters, one Air Attack, one camp crew  

       Fuel type: grass and brush

       Fire behavior: smoldering

       Structures threatened: no

       Cause: under investigation- human


Firefighters continue to face difficult conditions on the Drops Fire today. High temperatures, low relative humidity and difficult terrain are of concern to fire managers. While most of the active fire is out, hand crews and aircraft are working together to secure lines on the west and northern flanks. Engines and dozers work to secure the heel, near the origin, and southern flanks.


 Twin Falls District BLM has experienced a surge of human caused wildfires the last few weeks. Don’t let your summer go up in smoke. Remember these fire safety tips to help prevent human caused wildfires:


·         Check your chains on your trailer before you go. One spark from a dragging chain can start multiple roadside fires.

·         While working on maintenance projects, sparks and welding slag can cause wildfires if the proper measures are not taken. Ensure that your work area is clear of all flammable materials and suppression tools are nearby.

·         Avoid parking or driving on tall dry grass, your catalytic converter can ignite the fuels and start a fire.

·         Check your tires and ensure they are properly maintained. One of the most common causes of roadside fires is tire wires and rims striking the asphalt sparking wildfires.

·         Before you leave, drown your fire with water, stir the coals, add more water and stir. Feel the coals to be sure your fire is cold.

·         Exploding targets are prohibited on public land managed by the BLM from May 10 to October 20 each year for fire safety. #shootresponsiblyidahoAvoid target shooting on hot, windy days.

·         Remember, tracers, incendiary, steel and steel-jacketed bullets are prohibited on public land managed by the BLM from May 10 to October 20 each year.


For More Information,
●       Kelsey Brizendine, Fire Information and Prevention Officer,
●       208-308-5991
●       Idaho Wildfires visit