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Idaho Fire Incident Map

Saturday, August 1, 2020

What are they doing? What does that mean?

You hear it said all the time..... Crews are moping up hot spots..... What does that mean? What is mop up? What are hot spots? Why is this important?
What is a hot spot?
A hot spot, like the one pictured below, is an areas of heat, caused by smoldering vegetation, that were left after the main part of the fire has past or been put out.
What is mop up?
Mop up or mopping up, is a term used by fire fighters when they use hand tools and water to cool hot spots. Cleaning up the fire edge, to ensure nothing hot can cross the fire line. They check the areas with their bare hands to make sure they are cool to the touch. Similar to what you should do with your camp fire.
Why is this important?
Well, much like an abandon camp fire, if a hot spot is left untreated, it can spread hot embers across the fire line into unburned vegetation. This can cause the fire to start back up, creating more devastation and dangerous conditions for fire fighters.
So, be like these hard working #BLMTFDFire fire fighters and make sure your camp fire is cool to the touch before you leave it.
Don't let your summer go up in smoke. #FireYear2020 #together4idaho #DropsFire