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Thursday, December 3, 2020

#BLMTFDFire is Hiring! #Helitack positions

 Looking for a #Firefighter position? #BLMTFDFire is hiring positions for #Helitack positions.

🚒 Forestry Technician (Wildland Firefighter)
🌟Location: Twin Falls
🚩 Job closes: 12/08/2020🚩
•Contact Information
Kurt McDonald
OFFICE: 208-735-6508
CELL: 208-308-3993

Twin Falls Helitack has 12-17 highly motivated firefighters specially trained to fight

range and forest fires with helicopters. We provide initial attack and large fire support both locally and nationally. Additionally, crew members may fill overhead line assignments as well as traditional helitack duties. A Type 2 helicopter is on a 110 day exclusive use contract. When fire season peaks, we will often staff another high performance Type 3 helicopter.



  • Start work mid-May through October; opportunities student positions and late season work potentially available.
  • Training offered will include orientation, BLM fitness challenge,RT-130,RT-212, 
    • First Aid/CPR and fire school which includes up to ten 200 level NWCG courses.
  • You need to be: Motivated, independent, physically fit and professional. We pride ourselves on being in top physical condition and able to effectively respond to intense situations. 
  • You are expected to arrive for duty in peak physical condition – your safety and ours depends on it.
  • You must have 90 days of fire experience and your FFT2 qualification – it’s a bonus if you have FFT1, ICT5, FAL2,HECM and EMT qualifications. 
  • Check us out: CLICK ME