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Friday, March 9, 2018

M-581, Fire Program Management hosted in Boise, ID

 The Great Basin Training Center hosted M-581 – Fire Program Management last week in Boise, ID. Students attending the course came from a variety of disciplines ranging from Fire Managers, Law Enforcement to Agency Administrators. 

The intent of the NWCG M-581 course is to provide Agency Administrators and Fire Program Managers a foundation for wildland fire program administration by focusing on the policies and procedures which govern the management of program elements in federal land management agencies. Course outcomes include:

1.     Familiarity with the policies which govern fire management programs.

2.    An understanding of the roles and responsibilities of an Agency Administrator in fire program oversight at the unit level.

3.    An understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a Fire Management Officer in fire program oversight at the unit level.

4.    An understanding of the critical nature of communication between Agency Administrator and Fire Management Officer in fire program administration.
Throughout the week, students engaged in discussion and scenarios that included topics like; Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy, Wildland Fire Organizational Culture and Leadership, Fuels and Vegetation Management, Safety and Risk Management, to Incident Business, to name just a few.
During the last two days of the course, students participated in team debates that covered the following topics:
·       The Can-Do Attitude Conflict.  Engaging wildland fire is worth the risk to firefighter’s lives.
·       National Strategy:  The National Cohesive Strategy is an effective framework to implement wildland fire programs.
·       The Blank Check:  Large wildfires should be paid for by FEMA Disaster Relief funding.
·       Mission Complexity Conflict:  Federal agency wildland fire programs should be consolidated into one comprehensive federal fire (service) agency.

Students left the course on Friday with a wide range of knowledge and information that will assist them not only during the upcoming fire season but throughout their careers.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Twin Falls District BLM Fire Management Emergency Firefighter Program

The Job:
  • Twin Falls District Fire Management program is looking for 20 applicants to work as support firefighters for our permanent/seasonal staff.
  •  Applicants will fill in for fire fighters on an as needed basis.
  •  The job requires hard work, sleeping on the ground, and being gone up to 30 days at a time.
  •  Availability is key! This is an on call position, and you can be called upon at any time day or night.
  •  Each applicant will be evaluated after each assignment. If you are determined to be an asset to our program, continued AD work and consideration for seasonal employment the following season will be an option.
  • This is an entry level position.
  •  Submit a resume to
What We Provide:
  • Required Training
  • Necessary Gear and Equipment (except boots)
  • A Professional Work EnvironmentAn Opportunity to Work as a Member of a Highly Skilled Team
  • An Hourly Wage of $17.40 and Per Diem when in Travel Status
  •  Pre-employment Physical and Drug Test
Requirements if Selected:

For more information contact: Clay Stephens, 208-732-7248 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

BLM Idaho Falls District firefighters protect public lands across the nation

BLM Idaho Falls District firefighters protect public lands across the nation
Twitter: @BLMIdahoFire Facebook: @IdahoFireInfo

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho—Fire season has come and gone here in eastern Idaho, but your local Bureau of Land Management firefighters are still hard at work assisting communities in need across the nation. BLM Idaho Falls District firefighters respond year-round, sacrificing time with family and friends to protect your public lands.

During the Thanksgiving holiday, BLM firefighters worked as nature’s housekeepers by conducting prescribed fires here and back East. Two engine crews went to North Carolina and carried out burns to prevent large fires during the spring fire season. Firefighters plan on returning in the next few months to assist with fires in hardwood forests.

Over Christmas and the New Year, engine crews were dispatched to the Thomas Fire in Southern California, which burned 281,893 acres. The blaze was contained, but the work is not done. Idaho Falls firefighters remain there working to prevent erosion and mudslides by digging water bars and placing sand bags.  

A dispatcher from the Eastern Idaho Interagency Fire Center is currently on detail in Virginia with the FEMA Small Business Administration, assisting victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the Thomas Fire with much-needed loans and funds.

Efforts to restore a healthy landscape for plants and wildlife are currently underway in Nevada and Idaho Falls District. Three bulldozer operators from fire operations are in Nevada, rehabilitating the public lands affected by the 2017 fire season.

Wildland firefighting is not your ordinary job. If this career sounds interesting, we are hiring for the 2018 fire season. The early cutoff date to apply is Jan. 30, 2018. For more information visit, and click on the Idaho BLM Fire and Aviation-Job Announcements tab.


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

News Release
Twin Falls District, Idaho

  DATE:  Jan. 11, 2018
  CONTACT:  Kelsey Brizendine, (208) 732-7315

2018 South Hills seasonal road closure to begin soon
BURLEY, Idaho -- The Burley Bureau of Land Management Field Office will implement a seasonal road closure Jan. 16 to March 15 in the South Hills area.  This closure, which has gone into effect each winter since 2000, is designed to prevent resource damage and to protect crucial mule deer winter range and sage-grouse habitat.  Signs have been posted in the area notifying the public of the closure, and gates have been installed to prevent trespass.  The following roads, as well as any two-tracks or trails tied to these roads, will be closed to motorized travel from Jan. 16 to March 15, 2018:  Dry Creek, Cherry Spring, Indian Springs (Closure begins 1.5 miles south of Foothills Road) and North Cottonwood Creek.

The seasonal closure applies to all motorized vehicles except those specifically authorized to access the area.  Such authorization is provided for search and rescue, emergency medical services and law enforcement personnel, as well as administratively approved actions such as livestock grazing activity, access to private lands and resource monitoring or research studies.  The area is open to the public for non-motorized use.
“Increased human disturbance from motorized vehicles and off-trail recreation force mule deer to move to lower quality habitat and expend energy that they are trying to conserve,” said Eric Killoy, BLM wildlife biologist. “This, in turn, limits foraging ability and reduces fat reserves essential for survival and reproduction. To sustain healthy populations of mule deer in the south hills and surrounding areas, it is crucial to minimize disturbance during these next few months.”

The Magic Valley Regional Office of the Idaho Department of Fish & Game supports the need to protect wildlife in the area. “Considering the heavy winter snows this year, and the light fawn body weights we have been detecting, it makes this closure even more important for people to honor,” said Kelton Hatch, Fish and Game regional conservation educator.

For more information regarding the road closure, please contact Dennis Thompson, BLM Burley field office recreation planner, at (208) 677-6600.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Juniper Mastication on the Burley Landscape

The Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) Twin Falls District has treated nearly 27,000 acres of juniper to improve sage grouse habitat? One juniper treatment method used is mastication. The Burley Landscape Project has been a huge success thanks to partnership between the Bureau of Land Management and Pheasants Forever, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Idaho Department of Lands and local permittees. This innovative partnership crosses land ownership boundaries for landscape level wildlife habitat improvement.

Planting Partnerships-Twin Falls District BLM and Clif Bar

All too often in Southern Idaho, summertime means wildfire. In 2017, 150 wildfires burned on the BLM's Twin Falls District consuming over 214,000 acres of wildlife habitat, forage for livestock grazing and scenic desert. After the smoke clears, the BLM and its many cooperators get to work planting sagebrush seedlings on critical habitat throughout public lands. These partnerships are a testament to the BLM's commitment to the shared conservation stewardship to sustain the health, diversity and productivity of America's public lands for multiple uses.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Senior Fire Dispatcher GS 5/6/7 Shoshone- Twin Falls District BLM

Range Technician (Senior Fire Dispatcher), GS-0455-5/6/7
Announcement No: ID-Merit-2018-0013
Opens: 12/08/2017  Closes:  12/26/2017
Location:  Shoshone, Idaho
Full Performance Level:  GS-07
Moving expenses ARE NOT authorized.
Open to:
- All current or former federal employees with competitive/reinstatement eligibility.
- CTAP/ICTAP eligibles within the local commuting area.
Veterans' Employment Opportunity Act (VEOA) Eligibles.
Persons eligible under Special Hiring Authorities
- Current or former time-limited employees eligible under PL-114-47, Land Management Workforce Flexibility Act (LMWFA) USE FOR DOI Internal only

To apply, click on this link:  USAJOBS 

Range Technician (Senior Fire Dispatcher), GS-0455-5/6/7
Announcement No: ID-DEU-2018-0008
Opens: 12/08/2017  Closes:  12/26/2017
Location:  Shoshone, Idaho
Full Performance Level:  GS-07
Moving expenses ARE NOT authorized.
Open to all U.S. citizens.

To apply, click on this link:  USAJOBS 

Note: These announcements are being advertised concurrently.  Applicants should apply for each announcement they wished to be considered for.  

If you are a Pathways Intern who is preparing for graduation and you are interested in this position, please contact the HR Specialist advertising this position for further information.

Melody A. Summers
HR Specialist - Idaho State Office
US Department Of the Interior - Bureau of Land Management
Contact: /Office: 208.373.3960/Fax: 208.373.3919

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

BLM to implement annual seasonal closures in the Wood River Valley Dec. 1

News Release
DATE: Nov. 29, 2017
CONTACT: Heather Tiel-Nelson, 208-736-2352

BLM to implement annual seasonal closures in the
Wood River Valley Dec. 1
TWIN FALLS, Idaho – The Bureau of Land Management Shoshone Field Office will implement seasonal motorized use closures in the Wood River Valley beginning Dec. 1, 2017, and ending April 30, 2018, to protect deer and elk. 
“Nearly every winter season causes elk and deer to work harder for their food and shelter,” said Shoshone Field Office Outdoor Recreation Planner John Kurtz.  “These seasonal closures help to protect animals that find refuge within these areas. It is important to help minimize human-related stress on wildlife.”  The seasonal closures are for BLM-managed land only.   
The BLM encourages the public to carefully gauge their actions when recreating this winter to minimize impacts to deer and elk that could be in the area.  “Motorized and non-motorized recreationists disturb wildlife and cause them to expend vital energy that is needed for survival,” said Kurtz.  “When deer or elk are encountered during an outing, it is important to respect the animals and view them from a distance so that noise or close proximity will not cause additional stress."   
            The following areas in the Wood River Valley are closed annually to motorized use, including snowmobiles, from Dec. 1 through April 30:
·         Martin/ Big Dry Canyon
·         Croy Creek to south of Townsend Gulch
·         Big and Little Beaver Drainages
·         South slopes above East Fork
·         Elk Mountain area
·         Portions of Picabo Hills
The BLM patrols these areas to monitor and enforce closures. A map detailing the closures within the Wood River Valley is attached and hard copies are also available through the Shoshone Field Office at 400 West F Street in Shoshone.  For additional information, please contact Outdoor Recreation Planner John Kurtz at (208) 732-7296.

The BLM manages more than 245 million acres of public land located primarily in 12 Western states, including Alaska. The BLM also administers 700 million acres of sub-surface mineral estate throughout the nation. The agency’s mission is to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of America’s public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. Diverse activities authorized on these lands generated $75 billion in sales of goods and services throughout the American economy in fiscal year 2016—more than any other agency in the Department of the Interior. These activities supported more than 372,000 jobs.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Twin Falls District BLM Fire Management is Hiring!

Looking for a great summer job? Join the Twin Falls District BLM Fire Management Team for the 2018 fire season! Applications are open! Apply before Jan. 30 to be considered for the 2018 fire season.

Wildland Firefighter Engine
Open: 12/4/17– Close: 02/27/18
Early Cutoff Date BDO GS-5: 1/9/18
Early Cutoff Date (All Others): 1/30/18

Range Tech (Dispatcher)
Open: 12/4/17 – Close: 2/27/18
Early Cutoff Date: 1/30/18


Fire Logistics Dispatcher
Open: 12/4/17   Closes: 2/27/18
Early Cutoff Date: 1/30/18

Range Tech (Dispatcher)
Open: 12/4/17 – Close: 2/27/18
Early Cutoff Date: 1/30/18

Range Tech (Fuels Module Crew)


Open: 11/13/17 – Close: 2/27/18

Early Cutoff Date: 1/9/18 BOI/Twin Falls

Spvy Range Tech (Fuels Module Lead)


Open: 11/13/17 – Close: 2/27/18

Early Cutoff Date: 1/9/18


Supvy Range Tech (Engine Crew)


Open: 11/27/17 – Close: 2/27/18

Early Cutoff Date BDO/TFD: 1/9/18

Range Tech (Fire Support)


Open: 12/4/17 – Close: 2/27/18

Early Cutoff Date Shoshone: 1/9/18


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Twin Falls District Partners Plant 315,000 Seedlings

To date, Twin Falls District BLM Partners, Mule Deer Foundation, Idaho Fish and Game, Idaho Department of Lands, Pheasants Forever, and Oregon State Corrections have grown and planted 315,000 seedlings on the Twin Falls District.