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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Twin Falls District BLM Fire Update
Twitter: @BLMIdahoFire

Three new fires sparked on the Twin Falls District BLM last night. First Segregation Rural Fire Department, King Hill Rural Fire Department, Saylor Creek Rangeland Fire Protection Association, Sawtooth National Forest and Twin Falls District Fire Management crews responded to the reported smokes.  

MM 271 Fire
  • ·         Located off Interstate 84, near mile marker 271, BLM land
  • ·         Size: currently estimated at 3,700 acres
  • ·         Contain: unknown
  • ·         Control: unknown
  • ·         Resources: nine engines, five overhead, one dozer
  • ·         Fuel type: grass, brush and juniper 
  • ·         Fire behavior: smoldering and creeping
  • ·         No structures threatened
  • ·         Cause: undetermined, but lightning is suspected

Resources have stopped the progression of the fire. Crews remain on scene, improving containment lines, working to mop up hot spots and remove hazardous juniper trees.

Indian Springs 2 Fire
  • ·         Located approximately 7 miles south of Kimberly, near Indian Springs Recreation Area
  • ·         Size: 150 acres
  • ·         Contain: 6/27/2017 at midnight
  • ·         Control: today (6/28/2017) at 6 p.m.
  • ·         Resources: two engines, two overhead and one dozer
  • ·         Fuel type: grass and brush
  • ·         Fire behavior: smoldering
  • ·         No structures threatened
  • ·         Cause: undetermined

Vineyard Lake Fire
  • ·         Located at Vineyard Lake Recreation area, 7 miles west of Eden.
  • ·         Size: 2 acres
  • ·         Contain: today(6/28/2017) at noon
  • ·         Control: today (6/28/2017) at 6 p.m.
  • ·         Resources: one engine
  • ·         Fuel type: grass and brush
  • ·         Fire behavior: smoldering
  • ·         No structures threatened
  • ·         Cause: undetermined

Centennial Fire
  • ·         Located approximately 10 miles south of Hammett  
  • ·         Size: estimated 3,500 acres
  • ·         Contain: estimated 6/29/2017 at 8 p.m.
  • ·         Control: estimated 6/30/2017 at 8 p.m.
  • ·         Resources: three engines and one overhead
  • ·         Fuel type: grass and brush
  • ·         Fire behavior: currently smoldering, creeping
  • ·         No structures threatened
  • ·         Cause: undetermined

Sand Point Fire
  • ·         Located approximately 3 miles south of Hammett 
  • ·         Size: unknown
  • ·         Contain: unknown
  • ·         Control: unknown
  • ·         Resources: three engines, one overhead, one dozer responding
  • ·         Fuel type: grass and brush
  • ·         Fire behavior: unknown
  • ·         No structures threatened
  • ·         Cause: undetermined

The Sand Point Fire is currently being staffed, and more information will be released as additional resources arrive on scene.

For More Information,
  • ·         Kelsey Brizendine, Fire Information and Prevention Officer,
  • ·         208-308-5991
  • ·         Idaho Wildfires visit

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

BLM Boise District Fire Update for June 27th at 4:30 PM

For Immediate Release: June 27, 2017
Contact: Kelsey Griffee, 208-521-8709

Idaho Falls District Fire Update
Twitter: @BLMIdahoFire

Eastern Idaho experienced lighting through the night, three fires have been reported at the time of this release.

Brush Canyon Fire
·         Located near Malad
·         10 acres
·         Lightning-ignited
·         Fire is 100% contained and estimated control time is 5 p.m.
·         2 BLM engines are on scene and a helicopter made bucket drops earlier in the day

Lake Channel Fire
·         Located southwest of American Falls
·         99 acres
·         Lightning-ignited
·         Containment is expected to reach 100% by 10 p.m. 
·         Fire resources include 3 BLM engines and 2 Forest Service engines

Mile Marker 271 Fire
·         Located at mile marker 271 on Interstate 84
·         Check for road closures
·         Follow #MM271Fire
·         Contact BLM-Twin Falls District for more information Kelsey Brizendine, 208-308-5991

·         Wildfires across the country, visit

Boise District BLM Fire Update for June 27th at 6:30AM

Monday, June 26, 2017

Boise District BLM Fire Update for 9:30 PM

BLM Responds to Multiple Lightning Fires from Passing Storm

Start Date: 06/26/2017

Location and Jurisdiction:  BLM

Cause: Lightning

Fire Size: 100+

Percent Contained: 0% containment, no estimate at this time to further containment or control

Fire Behavior: Active and running
Structures Threatened:  No immediate threat to structures.

Fuels and Terrain:  Burning in grass and sage

Fire Crews/Resources: Numerous BLM resources on scene of multiple fires

Evacuations:  None in effect at this time.

Closures: None.

Summary: A large cell is moving through the Southern portion of the BLM Boise District and lighting has ignited multiple fires. Several agencies are assisting the BLM with the containment of the fires. Expect updates periodically as the incidents evolve. Geographical locations for the fires reported are as follows:
*Several starts south of the Orchard Training Range near Baja Road
*  One start located near Lockman Butte
*  One start located near Ditto Creek

For more information on fires in Idaho visit

For more information on fires across the country, visit

Celebrating Fourth of July on the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests

Kamiah, Idaho (June 26, 2017) – Fourth of July is a favorite time for Americans to visit their National Forests. The following information will help you plan your visit to the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests.

Please be advised that all Forest Service offices on the Nez Perce-Clearwater will be closed on Tuesday, July 4, 2017. Offices will be open on Monday, July 3 for you to purchase a firewood permit, obtain a mushroom permit, acquire forest maps, or to answer any questions you may have before the holiday.

Please remember that fireworks are prohibited on National Forests. There are no fire restrictions at this time, but recreationists are reminded to use caution with any outdoor activity that may cause a spark. Never leave campfires unattended. Remember, if it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave; pour water and add dirt to your campfire until it is cold. One spark is all it takes to start a wildfire that could burn thousands of acres of our National Forests, impacting its wildlife, recreation opportunities, and beautiful landscapes.

Report all fires to 911 or the Grangeville Interagency Dispatch Center: (208) 983-6800.

Dozens of campsites in several Forest Service campgrounds will be open for visitors during the holiday. Many campgrounds have helpful hosts who can provide information about outdoor recreation in the local area. Camping is also allowed at sites outside of developed campgrounds, known as “dispersed sites.” If you camp at a dispersed site, leave no trace of your stay; use existing fire rings if available, and pack out your trash.

Most campgrounds offer first-come, first-served site selection, but a few campgrounds have sites that you can reserve. To reserve a campsite, call toll free at (877) 444-6777 or reserve online at

A stay at the Adams Ranger Station cabin, located near Grangeville, is a great alternative to camping. The fee is $50 per night with a minimum of two nights’ stay on weekends. To make a reservation, visit the Adams Ranger Station information page at, or call (877) 444-6777.

Many forest trails are accessible at this time, but visitors should be prepared to encounter high creek crossings, downed trees, rocks, and debris. Always travel with care. Check with your local ranger station for a complete list of trails that have been cleared to date. Stay safe and protect sensitive plant life by staying on designated trails. Always yield to stock.

PALOUSE RANGER DISTRICT: Giant White Pine, Laird Park, and Little Boulder campgrounds are great places to spend the holiday weekend. Please be advised that Laird Park does not currently have potable water available. Elk Creek Campground, one mile north of Elk River, accepts reservations and boasts good RV access as well as electrical hookup sites. The Palouse District also has three picnic sites that can be reserved for your fun-filled Fourth of July get-together.

Portions of the Palouse Divide road #377 are closed due to logging activity and a landslide. Alternative routes are available to popular areas such as Bald Mountain Lookout.

NORTH FORK RANGER DISTRICT: Aquarius, Washington Creek, Weitas Creek, and Noe Creek campgrounds are currently open for visitors to enjoy. Noe Creek Campground does not have potable water at this time; visitors should plan to bring their own drinking water.

French Mountain road #250 is open to the Kelly Creek trailhead. Several roads on the North Fork Ranger District have been closed to protect public safety due to road failures caused by spring conditions. This includes a portion of Deception Saddle road #255 between its junctions with road #250 and Osier Cut Off road #735. Please use caution when travelling forest roads, as additional road failures may develop as thawing conditions continue in the high country.

LOCHSA/POWELL RANGER DISTRICT: Two campsites on the Lochsa/Powell Ranger District – Wilderness Gateway and Powell - accept reservations. Wilderness Gateway, Powell, Wendover, and Whitehouse campgrounds all have good access for RVs. Powell Campground offers electrical hookup sites. All of these campgrounds are located along Highway 12.

The Lolo Pass Visitor Center and Lochsa Historical Ranger Station will be open on July 4 to welcome visitors, so make sure to stop by for a visit! The Lolo Pass Visitor Center, located on Highway 12 at the Idaho-Montana state line, is open seven days a week from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (PDT). The Lochsa Historical Ranger Station, located 48 miles east of Kooskia on Highway 12, is open seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Saddle Camp road #107 is closed at its junction with Highway 12 at the bridge to Grave Creek due to road re-construction, which may impact those travelling to the area for the holiday. Snow persists on the Lolo Motorway, making it inaccessible to through traffic. Snow, mud, and runoff persisting on many roads limits access elsewhere on the district. Visitors may encounter downed trees and debris, making travel difficult. Motorists are encouraged to pack chains for the front and back of vehicles, as well as a chainsaw.

MOOSE CREEK RANGER DISTRICT: O’Hara Campground, located seven miles east of Lowell along Selway River road #223, accepts reservations and has good access for RV campers.

Landslides have impacted several roads on the Moose Creek Ranger District. O’Hara road #651 is closed from the junction with Trailhead #713 to its junction with road #1129. Falls Point road #443 is closed at milepost 24 to its junction with Selway River road #223. Swiftwater road #470 is closed beginning at the Swiftwater Bridge to its junction with road #470A. Fog Mountain road #319 is closed to vehicles greater than 50” wide.

SALMON RIVER RANGER DISTRICT: Two campsites on the Salmon River Ranger District accept reservations: the Fish Creek group site, and the South Fork group use site #5. Fish Creek, South Fork, and Castle Creek campgrounds have good RV access. All of these campgrounds are located along Highway 14.

While many roads on the Salmon River Ranger District are open, visitors should be advised that road closures are in effect in some places due to log hauling. This includes Slate Creek road #354, which is closed on weekdays (including July 4) from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The road is open on weekends. Visitors travelling in the area should be aware of increased log truck traffic; travel with care.

RED RIVER RANGER DISTRICT: The popular Magruder Corridor road #468 is open until its junction with Green Mountain road #285. However, snow persists farther along the route, making it inaccessible for through travel. Travelers on Idaho County road #233 on the Crooked River Corridor should expect to encounter forest personnel and heavy truck traffic along the road due to ongoing projects in the area. The road is narrow with limited opportunities to turn around. Visitors are urged to use extreme caution when travelling in this area. Road #464 is currently closed on weekdays (including July 4) from 3:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. due to log hauling. Please note that Crooked River Campground #3 is temporarily closed.

We encourage you to visit our website or contact your local ranger station for more information about the area you are interested in before you begin your trip. Trail conditions are found at The Alerts & Notices page ( contains lots of important information, including road condition reports. Contact information for local ranger stations can be found at

The Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests would like to wish everyone an enjoyable and safe Fourth of July.

News Release
For Immediate Release: June 26, 2017, 8 a.m.
Contact: Kelsey Griffee,, 208-521-8709

Fireworks in Idaho – Know Before You Light!

EASTERN IDAHO- The Fourth of July weekend is around the corner, and the desire to buy and light fireworks is growing.  Firefighters in eastern Idaho urge Idaho residents to use fireworks legally, appropriately and wisely.
Every summer, improper use of fireworks is responsible for multiple wildland and structure fires.  Last year the Rapid Creek and Henry’s Creek fires burned nearly 53,000 acres. Both fires were started by illegal fireworks.
As the Fourth of July nears and the weather turns hotter and drier, please use “safe and sane” fireworks in gravel or asphalt areas away from vegetation and buildings.  Safe and sane fireworks or “non-aerial common fireworks” remain near the ground and do not travel outside a 20-foot diameter.  Safe and sane fireworks include cone fountains, sparklers, wheels and whistles.
Other fireworks, typically aerial ones, are illegal to shoot off in Idaho.  Aerial fireworks present a huge risk for causing wildfires.  While these kinds of fireworks may be purchased legally, Idaho law makes their use illegal.  Illegal-use fireworks include bottle rockets, sky rockets, roman candles, firecrackers, missiles, parachutes, sky flyers, display shells and aerial items.
Always follow applicable fireworks regulations, including:
·    Fireworks are only authorized for use during specific times of the year. Check local ordinances for dates you can use fireworks.
·    Possessing and/or using fireworks on federal public lands (Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service) is strictly prohibited.
·    Anyone misusing fireworks can be held liable for damages. Damages often include the costs of putting out the fire. 
Certain areas, like Johnny Creek in the Pocatello area, prohibit fireworks due to the high risk of wildfire.  Never light fireworks on a windy day and fully extinguish them with water before disposing of debris.
For more information, contact your local fire department.
Regulations can be read in entirety at Idaho Statutes Title 39 Chapter 26, NFPA 1123, and Forest Service 36 CFR Title 261.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Campfire Ban at Celebration Park

Due to high fire danger and dry conditions, campfires are currently banned at Celebration Park. We ask that visitors please use gas stoves and gas grills only for cooking purposes. Thanks for helping us keep our visitors and our beautiful park safe from wildfires! This ban will remain in effect until it is determined that the wildfire danger has decreased.

The past two summers, this has meant that the ban has been in place from June thru September at a minimum. If there are any questions please visit the Canyon County website, Facebook page or call the Celebration Park directly at 208.455.6022

For Immediate Release: June 23, 2017, 2 p.m.
Contact: Kelsey Griffee, 208-521-8709

Mile Marker 255 FIRE UPDATE
Twitter: @BLMIdahoFire
(#MM255 & #BLMIFDFire)

Start Date: 06/23/2017

Location and Jurisdiction:  Mile Marker 255 near Highway 20/26 junction, BLM

Cause: Human - Under investigation

Fire Size: 1 acre

Percent Contained:  100% Full containment at 1:30 p.m. Control expected at 4 p.m.

Fire Behavior: Fire perimeter is not active, smoldering.

Structures Threatened:  No immediate threat to structures.

Fuels and Terrain:  Burning in grass

Fire Crews/Resources: 2 engines

Evacuations:  None in effect at this time.

Closures:  None.

Summary:  Crews are mopping up the fire and expect to control the fire this afternoon. Fire perimeter is not active and no further spread is expected. Fire is next to the highway, but there are no closures in effect.