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Friday, February 24, 2017

Compare and Contrast with the Boise Firewise Garden

Ever thought about what it looks like to have a #Firewise Landscape around your property? Take a look at the photos below to see the difference 8 years can make when installing a firewise landscape.

The main Firewise Garden next to the Idaho Botanical Gardens was established in 2008 (ground breaking winter of 2006/2007) and has flourished every day since. On average the garden receives 100,000 visitors and will host 10-12 groups for Firewise Landscaping classes per year.

May is Wildfire Awareness Month in Idaho and the garden will be in full bloom; so come and visit to see the variety of grasses, plants/shrubs, and trees that you can use on your property!

The Boise Firewise Garden in 2008!
The Boise Firewise Garden in the Fall of 2016!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Idaho Firewise on Instagram!

Idaho Firewise is now on Instagram! Head on over to check out their new page and  follow @IdahoFirewise. Various types of information will be posted from education/training videos, Firewise landscape classes, and photos of countless varieties of Firewise plants.

There are Firewise gardens throughout Idaho so plan to visit one of them this spring/summer near you.

  • Boise (4 locations), Twin Falls, Pocatello

For more information on Idaho Firewise visit these sites:

Twitter and Instagram: @idahofirewise

Great Basin Training Center coordinating national level aviation training in Mesa, AZ!

The National Air Tactical Group Supervisor/Helicopter Coordinator Academy (S-378) is being delivered in Mesa, AZ and the academy is being coordinated by the Great Basin Training Center that is located in Boise, ID.

Shaylor Sorenson from the Great Basin Training Center instructs at the academy 
The academy is a two-week enhanced delivery during which students are put through  multiple simulations, perform in actual cockpits with flight time, and participate in classroom discussions.
Flight crews get ready for daily simulation in Mesa, AZ.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Training Season is in Full Swing at the Great Basin Training Center in Boise, ID.

The Great Basin Training Center (GBTC) endeavors to provide high quality, interagency training opportunities to Great Basin geographic area students by offering an average of 45 intermediate and upper level wildland fire, aviation, prescribed fire, and fire management training courses each year.  

This week the GBTC is delivering L481 -  Advanced Leadership for Command and General Staff; 32 students from around the nation are participating. The course is a leadership development recommendation that focuses on leadership within the context of large/complex incident management, to include team collective tasks and functions accomplished by large Incident Management Teams (IMTs). 

Individual tasks include functioning as a productive member of a staff organization, being a positive contributor to staff decision making, maintaining a common operating picture, demonstrating staff member ethos, and projecting operational culture and leader’s intent.

Students Sarah Wheeler, Cory Berkebile, Clay Stephens, and Bryce Alexander from Idaho BLM. Dale Gardener from MCS, Solutions - Instructor.

Individuals from various location within the Idaho BLM organization are participating in the training as Fiance Section Chiefs.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bring back Laidlaw

When it comes to rehabilitating public land following a wildland fire, no one does it better than the Twin Falls District Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation program. Right on the heels of a wildland fire, tractors pulling drill seeders move onto the landscape to combat invasive species like cheat grass and restore thousands of acres of habitat. This all-important habitat supports a variety of wildlife – sage-grouse, mule deer and pygmy rabbits to name a few. Check out what it takes to conduct this time-sensitive and critical work!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Idaho BLM Fire and Aviation personnel attend Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) training in Arizona

The Great Basin Training Center is partnering with the BLM National Aviation Office to deliver UAS training in Safford, AZ this week and next.  Students are getting hands on experience to fly aircraft and work toward BLM certification as UAS pilots.

Students learn the ins and outs of controlling the UAS prior to launch.

Jed Johns, Idaho BLM Fire and Aviation, piloting a UAS
during a field exercise.

Steve Ramaekers leads classroom discussions

Students at UAS training in Safford, AZ.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Application Assistance Join us Saturday, Jan. 21st

If you have ever wanted to fight wildland fire, NOW is the time to apply!
Twin Falls District BLM Fire and Aviation Application Assistance event is this Saturday, January 21st from 10:00a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the College of Southern Idaho, Canyon Building, room 119.

Fire managers will be available to answer questions and assist with applications.  Please bring a copy of your resume, digital or hard copy.

REMEMBER!!!  You only have until January 24th to apply!!!

Join us Saturday or click the link before for the position you wish to apply for.

Twin Falls District BLM Fire Staff
Phone: 208.732.7315