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BLM to conduct prescribed burning along fencelines in Southwest Idaho

BOISE, Idaho – The Bureau of Land Management will be conducting prescribed burns throughout southwest Idaho to reduce unsafe accumulations of tumbleweeds along fencelines from late March through April, depending on weather, vegetation, and ground conditions.

Burnings will include approximately six miles of fenceline south of Boise within the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area and about 15 miles along the Owyhee Front between Marsing and Wilson Creek.

“Most of the area’s fires are human caused and begin along roadways,” said Lance Okeson, Boise District Assistant Fire Management Officer Fuels. “Burning these large volumes of tumbleweeds under controlled conditions will reduce both a hazardous fuel source and possible obstruction of the roadways themselves.”

During the prescribed burns, the public can expect to see smoke from a distance, fire vehicles on roadways, and possible short-term travel delays on secondary roads. For public and firefighter safety, traffic flaggers from the Idaho Transportation Department may be used.

For more information contact the BLM Boise District Fire Information at 208-384-3210.